Grant dollars released for EMHS


Now that site work has begun at the new Endless Mountains Health Systems facility, the county commissioners authorized an agreement March 14 that enables the hospital to collect a 2010 approved state grant to be used toward construction of Phase 1 of the project.

The grant was applied for by the county’s economic development arm, The Progress Authority, on behalf of the hospital.

The commissioners also adopted a resolution to correct an incorrect disaster number listed on a previously adopted resolution. The resolution authorizes theEMAdirector Charlene Moser to submit the required forms and documents for the purpose of obtaining disaster-related financial assistance.

The county is purchasing new Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal software (CAMA) from Vision Government Solutions Inc.,Northborough,Mass., at a cost of $127,000 for the Assessment office.

The Appraisal Vision CAMA Software includes the products license fee, project management, installation, data conversion, training and documentation.

The commissioners also entered into an annual maintenance agreement with the company at a cost of $15,000 per year.

Tax Claim was exonerated from collecting delinquent taxes owed on a Clifford Twp. parcel, listed under the name of Darren Sheare, and consisting of a trailer in White’s Trailer Park.

The trailer was exonerated from the rolls by the Assessment Office as gone on Feb. 27.

The resignation, effective March 21, of Melissa Lankford from the 911 department was accepted, with regret.

Nichole Snyder,New Milford, was hired to an open, full-time caseworker position with Children & Youth.

The commissioners also approved a Children & Youth service agreement with Visionquest National,StandingTimbersAcademy, Gouldsboro.

March 29 was designated C.A.S.U.A.L. (Colon Cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day in the county.

The minutes of the Feb. 22 meeting reflected that Bruce Paskoff spoke on the issue of public comment during the public comment portion of that meeting – the first time any public comment had been noted in the minutes since January 2008.

But Paskoff told the board he wanted a more thorough accounting of his concerns documented in the minutes.

He also asked the commissioners for their “official definition of public testimony.”

Commissioner Alan Hall had said at previous meetings that official testimony would be included in meeting minutes.

“The commissioners have the right to deem what is and is not testimony. We can go round and round all day,” Hall told Paskoff.

“That places you as rulers rather than public servants,” Paskoff said. “Public comment is whatever you want it to be that day.”