Elk Lake drama reverts to the ’60s


 “60s Mania,” a ‘Sixties farce full of mistaken identities, Beatlemania, loopy hippies and grim establishment power trips, will be staged Mar. 30-31 at the Elk Lake High School auditorium.

Norman Hinkle, a bank loan officer played by Kevin Burns, is having a bit of a mid-life crisis, and suspects that his boss, Mr. Crabtree, is about to fire him.

His younger daughter Alison (Haley Skinner) has just found out that she’s won a date with Ringo Starr, and his older daughter Debbie (Danielle Sterner) is about to run off with Starbaby, a flower child (Kyler DeGrote).

Norman’s life is further complicated by his live in aunt, Hilda Winesap (Veronica Head), who has hired a psychologist to secretly observeNormanin the hope of committing him.

WhenNorman’s boss (Chase Orlandini) invites himself over for dinner with a plan to lower the axe, things get really crazy.

The play is directed by Ina Bradish, with Rita Spila as assistant director and Melanie Transue as technical director.

According to Bradish, the play was a good fit for this year’s drama club, especially for a few female players who love hippie roles.

The eighth and nine grade actors have come into their own,  and the drama troupe has found its niche in tongue-in-cheek farce, it seems.

Others in the cast include: Barbara Hinkle- Sam Stevens; Mrs. Tucker- Kelly Severcool; Mrs. Lafferty- Emily Burns; Mrs. Cleary- Shannon Murphy; Mrs. Leary- Rachel Sprout; Officer Pettybone- Shanice Warner; Moonbeam- Sarah Shuren; Harmony- Madeline Spila; Happy- Rachel Zaleskie; Liberty-Natalie Newhart; Rain- Cydney DeWitt; Roger- Cole Orlandini; and Dr. Nostradamus Tarillian–Ioalus Trowbridge.