No salary increase for Susquehanna superintendent



Under a revised contract for Susquehanna Community’s Superintendent Bronson Stone, approved by the school board at their March 21, meeting, he will recieve no salary increase for the term of the present contract, 2013-14.

According to the contract, if Stone’s services are no longer desired he will receive a severance package equal to two month’s salary.

Speaking to the board regarding legislation proposed by the State Senate, that would make changes in Superintendent contracts under an update to SB 1296, Stone said he is not in favor of all changes as he feels this would discourage young professionals from entering administration.

Stone did say that unethical practices by some administrators created a burden on taxpayers to fund hugh golden paracute retirements and was the reason for an update in the Pa School Code. Stone said he had voiced his concerns to Senator Lisa Baker but as of Wednesday had not heard back from her.
The Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators spokesman said they believe SB 1296, as amended, balances the interests of taxpayers, school administrators and school boards.

The board approved a Spectator Code of Conduct that included behaviors deemed unacceptable by the district and PIAA.

The behaviors include: yelling, waving arms or objects during apponent’s free throw attempts; disrespectful or derogatory statements at coaches or players; use of noise makers at indoor events; name calling; smoking anywhere on school property; failure to wear appropriate attire, all spectators must have proper attire, including a shirt.

Everyone attending a sporting event will be encouraged to “be a fan,not a fanatic”. Sports are for students to have fun and learn about life, Stone said.

A Parent Code of Conduct was also approved by the board. Parents are encouraged to remember that the game is for youth, not adults and to be a role model for their children by showing respect.

During the reports by district personnel Principal Mark Gerchman praised Roxann LLoyd for her work as Athletic Director and George Wilks for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Lloyd was approved by the board for a salary increase for assuming the Athletic Diretor responsibilities for the 2012-2013 school year.

Principal Robert Keyes reported there are 37 students registered for K4 and more students registered for K5 that attended K4 last year. Elementary school will be doing spring photos again this year as it was well received last year.

Business manager Gary Kiernan reported on the price of heating oil and how it effects the budget. He said this deficit will only grow each year. So far the surplus funds are taking care of the higher priced heating oil.

Special Ed Coordinator David Jagger complimented staff members, Jaime Bollinger, Kim Burdick and Sue Whitney for their presentation at the Intermediate Unit.

Maintenance Supervisor Donnie Norris reported they are a month ahead for outdoor work. He said families came in on Saturday to help get the boasball field ready for play. He also explained the work done to repair the football field. The board approved a fall night football game, tentatively set for October 19, and are seeking sponsors.

Kathleen Hinkley, teachers representative to the board, reported on the fun raiser, “Bowl With Your Favorite Teacher” held recently.

“Had a great turnout and earned over $1,000 for the scholarship fund,” she said.