County authorizes DCED funding request


The Susquehanna County Commissioners authorized, at the April 11 meeting, the filing of its annual application to receive Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program funds for the upcoming 2012 state fiscal year.

The county receives an annual allocation of the program funds which is then administered by the Susquehanna County Redevelopment Authority.

The Authority prepared the application on behalf of the county to use the $236,822 2012 DCED allocation for street repairs, clean up of contaminated stream sites, employment training and housing rehabilitation.

The commissioners also adopted a Fair Housing Resolution and the Minority Business Enterprise Plan and Statement of Goals.

The Tax Claim Bureau was exonerated from collecting $1,520.16 in taxes on a doublewide, assessed at $24,300, located on Wm. Binde land in Liberty Twp. The doublewide was exonerated from the rolls by the Assessment Office on April 18 as gone.

At the start of the meeting, the absence of a meeting sign-in sheet was questioned by Bruce Paskoff.

The commissioners had introduced a sign-in sheet at a prior meeting for those in attendance who wished to speak in an official capacity at the meetings.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco said the absence of the sign-in sheet did not prevent those in attendance from making public comment.

Giangrieco also said the latest publication put out by the County Commissioners Association noted thatSusquehannaCountywas the only county in the state to balance its budget while reducing taxes.