Police search for Dunkin’ Donuts robber

A robber got away with $1400 in a Friday, April 13 heist at the Dunkin Donuts, off Rt.11, in Great Bend Twp.


A robber got away with $1400 from the Hallstead Dunkin Donuts on Friday, April 13.

State Police, Gibson said an unknown male came in the front door of the business with one hand in his pocket as if he had a gun.

According to police, the man demanded the workers to open the cash registers and give him the money.

After the donut shop employees handed over the cash, the unidentified man fled on foot through the front door.

No gun was displayed during the heist and no one at the business was injured.

The suspect is described as wearing a black ski mask, light blue jeans, a light blue denim jacket and black and white Converse sneakers.

Police are continuing the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call PSP, Gibson at 465-3154.