Diaz employees contribute to local health care

Diaz Companies employees presented the Montrose Minute Men with $25,000 donation to be used to purchase a new cardiac monitor. From left: Bob Hollister, MMM board; Ryan Tator, MMM; Matt Bergman, Stone & Pallet; Vince Birchard, MMM; Adam Diaz; John Picard, Disposal; Gerilyn Severcool, Diaz Co. HR; Dan Harvey, Stone Shop Supervisor; Rob Gregory, Drilling; Wendy Mullineaux, Diaz Office Manager; Bill Ord, Forest Products; Jim Krupicki, MMM-captain; Shawn Frampton, MMM; Robert Hawley, Manufacturing; Justin Tyler, MMM, Jerry Cronk, MMM board; and Pam Mott, MMM. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON


In a cardiac emergency, minutes matter.

And having the proper equipment in the ambulance helps emergency personnel get patients the care and treatment they need.

Pam Mott, of the Montrose Minute Men, spoke to employees from Diaz Companies, of Kingsley, Friday about the local ambulance company’s need for an updated cardiac monitor.

Diaz employees were on-hand at the Minute Men garage in Montrose to donate $25,000 towards the cost of a new cardiac monitor.

“It’s able to identify a heart attack in process and then we are able to get patients to the place the need to be for treatment,” Mott said.

The cardiac monitor also acts as a portable defibrillator; pacemaker; and can monitor the blood oxygen levels of patients.

Adam Diaz, owner of Diaz Companies, said his employees were responsible for making the contribution to the Minute Men.

“They all live and work here,” Diaz said.

He also said the company’s employees often are working in the field.

“We want to make sure (the Minute Men) have the equipment they need to help our employees, their families and the community in an emergency,” Diaz said.

The new cardiac monitor could do just that, said Jim Krupinski, Captain of the Montrose Minute Men.

In the past month Krupinski said the ambulance squad has responded to two cardiac emergencies at natural gas well and pipeline sites in the area.

The new monitor, Krupnski said, will replace an outdated piece of equipment currently in use by the Minute Men.

“We’re going to be able to transmit data to the doctors so they are able to give more definitive care to patients,” Krupinski said.

The contribution to the Minute Men is the second health related donation made by Diaz Companies in the past week.

On April 19, Diaz contributed $100,000 to the community match challenge issued by Cabot Oil & Gas to help with the expense of building the new Endless Mountains Health Care facility in Bridgewater Twp.

The check was presented at the Community Foundation of Endless Mountains, located in Montrose. The foundation is administering the Cabot/EMHS fund.

.EMHS CEO Rex Catlin said, “We are very pleased with this most generous contribution from Mr. Diaz and all those who work with him. This will certainly help us achieve our goals.”

Diaz said, “It’s the right thing to do. All of my employees are an important part of this contribution.”

The goal of the Cabot/EMHS community match fund is to raise a total of $3 million for the hospital project by July 21. Cabot has pledged $1 million and will match donations up to $1 million in donations to the project.

With the recent contribution from Diaz Companies, more than $300,000 has been raised from the community, which, when matched by Cabot Oil & Gas, will provide double that amount for the hospital building project.

Tax deductible donations to the Cabot/EMHS Match Fund may be sent to The Community Foundation at270 Lake AvenueinMontrose,PA18801.