New Milford supervisors finishing building projects


 TheNew  MilfordTownshipmaintenance garage and road materials shed are nearly completed, and residents are pleased with the improvements made on township property without raising of taxes.

“You should hold an open house,” suggested one resident at the Monday, Apr. 21, meeting.

The supervisors placed advertisements for bids on a concrete floor for the maintenance garage last month, and opened the bids at the meeting.

Bids for the concrete were received two contractors. The first opened was from D&H Construction for a 40 by 80 foot, six inch deep concrete floor with wire mesh, as well as a 6 by 80 foot pad for an apron in front of the garage, at a cost of $9,300. The supervisors reviewed the bids and chose to accept it.

Supervisors adopted a resolution to amend the Sewage Facilities Act ordinance. Its purpose is to establish fees, wages and rates in connection with sewage facilities at gas drilling sites. New permits for temporary holding tanks with regards to natural gas pads and drilling sites will be assessed a one time set fee, rather than the usual escrow account involved in the past.

Another resolution, for adopting a new ordinance for a board of appeals with regards to UCC permitting, was tabled until a later date.

The supervisors have been ordered to attend a prehearing conference before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission regarding the offer, rendering and furnishing of supply gas utility service.

Blue RidgeSchool Districthas notified the township that an air quality plan approval application is being submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection for the operation of a wood-fired biomass boiler to provide heat to the Blue Ridge K-12 campus.

ThePilotTravelCenteron Interstate 81 was granted a relief from liability by the DEP as outlined in Chapter 5 of the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediations Standard Act, which addresses unleaded gasoline in the soil. Ground water was not affected, the DEP letter stated.

Sommerville Land Development has submitted a subdivision plan.

Buck Ridge Stone LLC applied to  DEP for construction of a wate intake structure/water withdrawal permit for Salt Lick Creek at US Route 11.

Southwestern applied for a consumptive use permit for Tonya West pad 12, Watts pad 25, Bienko pad 41 last month,. Southwestern applied for ESCGP permits for John Racine pad 34; for pad 39 Richard Hadlick, Snyder Road; pad 36, Mark and Charlotte Conklin, Harford Road; pad 5, John Drann, Highlands Road; pad 7, Douglas and Vivyette Pascoe, and partially on Squares, Hedenus, and Larosa, on Highland/Darrow Road; .pad 41 on Bogdan and Annie Biendo on Howell Road.

Southwestern has also announced phase three of the Martin’s Creek Water Conveyance Line, at the Zeffer/O’Dell Impoundment site. Phase one of this water line has been approved, and phase two is still in review. A notice of intent for conr, consumptive use, Eastman Pad.

Blue Stone pipeline reported its activity as follows: Phase two of gathering system will include two miles of natural gas pipeline, 9.4 miles to be in upland areas, 13 miles to be in stream or wetland sensitive area. The pipeline wil extend from the NY/Pa border approvimately two miles east ofState Route1017 to terminus half a mile south ofNew Milford. A permit application was filed for the installation of 3.6 miles of 16 inch diameter pipeline for water, initially, which would later be used as a gas gathering pipeline. A 12 inch diameter pipeline for the same use as the former was also included in the application.

A prehearing conference regardingUGIPenn Natural Gas has been rescheduled for May 15 at10 hearing room three inHarrisburg. The hearing is forUGI’s application for approval to render/furnish natural gas.

The township received a letter from DEP notifying the supervisors that DEP is seeking 2011 discharge management reports from BS Bluestone Quarry.

Nittany Nova Aggregates at the Arnold Quarry notified the supervisors that they have applied to DEP for a bluestone permit and to install a crusher/screener.

Morrison Quarry on Peck Hill Road notified the supervisors that they have applied to DEP for the following permits: GP3 portable mineral processing plant, GP9 diesel fired internal combustion engines and portable crusher/screener.