Lady Warriors stay unbeaten on track

Elk Lake's Kenzie Jones, left, and Elizabeth Trowbridge lead the pack in the 1600 race on Thursday in Dimock. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

The Elk Lake girls’ track and field team took an 83-58 win over Mid Valley in Dimock on Tuesday to stay unbeaten while the boys’ team faced a 79-71 loss.

Elk Lake’s girls (4-0) defeated Mid Valley in a battle of division leaders.

Meghan Bush set a school record in the shot put with a distance of 31 feet, 8 inches and Kirsten Hollister won the 100, 200 and 400 for the winners.

“The girls were really solid,”ElkLakecoach Will Squier said. “We had to fill out some slots and we really had to run hard in some races.

“It was a good meet.”

The boys’ team was paced by Jeremy Schwarztrauber with wins in the 110 hurdles and pole vault and Luke Jones with wins in the 1600 and 3200.

Elk Lake girls 83,

Mid Valley 58

100 Hurdles: Taylor Mercado (MV) 17.3 (school record), C Salsman (EL) Carley Bennett (EL). 3200 Relay:ElkLake(E. Trowbridge, M. Trowbridge, J. VanEtten, K. VanEtten)13:01. 100: Kirsten Hollister (EL)12.8 N. Kovaleski (MV), N. Kline (MV). 1600: Elizabeth Trowbridge (EL) 5:55.3 K. Jones (EL), B. Bennacci (MV). 400 Relay: Mid Valley (Collins, Kline, Perrone, Kovaloski) 58.4. 400: Kirsten Hollister (EL)1:01, L Quinones (MV) K. Verespy (MV). 300 Hurdles: Rachel Manzek (EL) 52.45, T Mercado (MV), C. Salsman (EL). 800: Jenny VanEtten (EL) 2:28.24, L. Quinones (MV), K. VanEtten (EL). 200: Kirsten Hollister (EL) 26.9, K. Verespey (MV), O. Laudeman (EL). 3200: Kenzie Jones (EL),13:11, L Bedell (EL), B. Benecci (MV). 1600 Relay:ElkLake(Hollister, Manzek, M Trowbridge, J. VanEtten) 4:32.7. Shot: Meghan Bush (EL) 31-8 (school record), L. Watkins (EL), A. Becker (MV). Discus:LydiaWatkins (EL) 75-9, M. Bush (EL), T. Watkins (EL). Javelin: Taylor Watkins (EL) 97-10, K. Collins (MV), H Drutarovsky (MV). Long: Haley Drutarovsky (MV) 15-2 (school record), T. Mercado (MV), O. Laudeman (EL). Triple: Haley Drutarovsky (MV) 32-3 (school record), T. Mercado (MV), Kristy Krishak (EL). High: Haley Drutarovsky (MV) 4-10, Reynolds (MV), Kenzie Jones (EL).

Mid Valley boys 79,

Elk Lake 71

110 Hurdles: Jeremy Schwarztrauber (EL) 17.8, B. Chylak (MV), M. Cuomo (EL). 3200 Relay:ElkLake(S. Carney, C Cole, L. Jones, D. Sherman)9:24. 100: Antonio Russo (MV) 10.9, K. Laniewski (MV), M. Cerra (MV). 1600: Luke Jones (EL) 4:50.8, Will Bennett (EL), J Sansky (MV). 400 Relay: Mid Valley (Russo, Williams, Tanner, Tomcha) 45.8. 400: Kyle Laniewski (MV), R. Tomesetti (MV), W. Bennett (EL). 300 Hurdles: Matt Cuomo (EL) 44.1, T. Collins (MV), Jordan (MV). 800: Will Bennett (EL) 2:07.9, L. Jones (EL) J Sansky (MV). 200: Kyle Laniewski (MV) 23.6, M Tanner (MV) A. Russo (MV). 3200: Luke Jones (EL) 10:48.3, M. Petcavage (MV), D Sherman (EL). 1600 Relay: Mid Valley (Collins, Merenich, Tomasetti, Laniewski) 3:41.4. Shot: Josh Gordan, (MV) 40-5, A. Russo (MV) R. Wilson (EL). Discus: Matt Bukowski (MV) 100-2, D. Donovan (MV) C. Merenich (MV). Javelin: Chris Merenich (MV) 147-9, M. Woolcock (EL) J. Schwarztrauber (EL). Long: Jason Vermeulen (EL) 20-7, Tomcho (MV), M. Woolcock (EL). Triple: Jason Vermeulen (EL) 39-0, A. Manzek (EL), M. Woolcock (EL). High: Matt Woolcock (EL) 5-10, Tomasetti (MV), J. Vermeulen (EL). Pole: Jeremy Schwarztrauber (EL) 12-0, J. Rocco (MV), A Manzek (EL).


The Blue Ridgeboys’ and girls’ track and field teams took wins over Susquehanna on Thursday afternoon.

On the boys’ side, Sean Stanley won the 100, long and triple jumps to lead Blue Ridge past Susquehanna, 92-44, while Raider Logan Ellis won 300 hurdles and the long jump and Blue Ridge won the 1600 relay to secure a 71-63 win over Susquehanna.

Blue Ridge boys 92, Susquehanna 44

110 Hurdles:TroyMaby (SUS) 17.9, Hansen (SUS), Hepler (BR). 3200 Relay:Blue Ridge(Rubbs, Weed, Cramer,Mansfield) 11:11.9. 100: Sean Stanley (BR) 12.0, Marino (SUS), Monks (BR). 1600: Mike Robbs (BR) 4:59.8, Acone (SUS), Rafferty (SUS). 400: Billy Rupukus (BR) 57.7, Hansen (SUS), Mansfield (BR). 400 Relay: Susquehanna (Biegert, Maby, Wilkes, Marino) 48.5. 300 Hurdles:TroyMaby (SUS) 48.8, Hepler (BR), Weed (BR). 800: Mike Robbs (BR) 2:13.7, Mansfield (BR), Acone (SUS). 200: Billy Rupakus (BR) 26.0, Marino (SUS), Murnock (BR). 3200: Patrick Cramer (BR) 12:22.2. 1600 Relay:Blue Ridge(Carlsen, Robbs, Mansfield, Rupakus) 3:50.3. Shot: Gage Piechocki (BR) 38-11, Flanagan (SUS), Miller (BR). Discus: Gage Piechocki (BR) 131-5, Schmidt (BR), Haynes (SUS). Javelin: Chris Carlsen (BR) 128- 8, Haynes (SUS), Flanagan (SUS). Long: Sean Stanley (BR) 17-11, Monks (BR), Stanley (BR). Triple: Sean Stanley (BR) 40-8½, Stanley (BR), Pelicci (SUS). High: Allen Weed (BR) 5- 2. Pole: Zach Edwards (BR) 11-0, Pelicci (SUS).

Blue Ridge girls 71, Susquehanna 63

110 Hurdles: Melissa Kukowski (SUS) 17.5, Ellis (BR), Perry (BR) . 3200 Relay:Blue Ridge(Hall, Purdum, Hall, Cramer)15:06. 100: Melissa Kukowski (SUS) 14.1, Kempa (BR), Avery (SUS). 1600: Casey Perdum (BR)6:05, Day (SUS), Crammer (BR). 400: Lindsey Burdick (SUS)1:06, Kempa (BR). 400 Relay:Blue Ridge(Hall, Whitney, Ellis, Perry) 58.8. 300 Hurdles:LoganEllis (BR) 57.7, Alvidrez (SUS), Crammer (BR). 800: Lauren Whitney (BR)2:44, Christensen (SUS), Hall (BR). 200: Melissa Kukowski (SUS) 30.1, Whitney (BR), Carpenetti (SUS). 3200: Charlotte Hall (BR)15:50, Day (SUS). 1600 Relay:Blue Ridge4:44.6. Shot: Sarah Serfilippi (SUS) 26-11, Radakovich (BR), Conklin (SUS). Discus: Sarah Serfilippi (SUS) 92-4, Hubal (SUS), Radakovich (BR). Javelin: Katherine Kempa (BR) 71-7, Staros (SUS), Regard (BR). Long:LoganEllis (BR) 13-4½, Carpenetti (SUS), Staros (SUS). Triple: Erin Perry (BR) 21-8½, Marco (SUS). High: No contest. Pole: Ivy Christensen (SUS) 6-0.

Meteor Troy Ely leaps on his way to finishing the triple jump in first place. PHOTO COURTESY OF ED KING


Montrose Area’s boys’ track and field team picked up a 76-74 win over Holy Cross on Thursday, while the girls’ team faced a loss.

The Montrose boys were anchored by Kurt Kimsey with wins in the shot put and javelin, while Troy Ely won the triple and high jumps.

On the girls’ side, Montrose was handed a 94-56 loss, but had first place finishes from Samantha Bennici in the 800 and 1600 and Allison Lewis in the 400.

Montrose boys 76,

Holy Cross 74

100 Hurdles: Albert Milner (HC), 16.1, Dibble (M), Hewes (M). 3200 Relay: Holy Cross (Hastie, Cicco, Cosgrove, Milner) 9:42.5. 100: Joe Merli (HC), 11.4, Inirio (HC), Blom (M). 1600: Rico Galassi (HC) 4:50.3, Russell (M), Brannon (HC). 400: Andrew Nelson (HC) 51.5 (school record), Adams (M), Zapolski (M). 400 Relay: Holy Cross (Heyen, Inirio, Amity, Merli) 45.7 (school record). 300 Hurdles: Albert Milner (HC) 42.7, Dibble (M), Hewes (M). 800: Brandon Russell (M) 2:08.4, Arnold (M), Hastie (HC). 200: Andrew Nelson (HC) 22.9 (school record), Blom (M), Inirio (HC). 3200: Rico Galassi (HC) 10:22.8, Cosgrove (M), Canfield (M). 1600 Relay: Holy Cross (Merli, Milner, Cicco, Nelson) 3:41.7. Shot: Kurt Kimsey (M) 43-7¼, Nicholoff (HC), Lawson (M). Discus: John Lawson (M) 127-3, Kimsey (M), Shelp (M). Javelin: Kurt Kimsey (M) 147-6, Lawson (M), Ely (M). Long: Andrew Nelson (HC) 19-7, Blom (M), Beekman (HC). Triple:TroyEly (M) 37, Heyen (HC), Milner (HC). High:TroyEly (M) 5-8, Ely (M), Milner (HC). Pole: Jeremy Dibble (M) 12-6, B. Russell (M), Ware (HC).

Holy Cross girls 94,

Montrose 56

100 Hurdles: Devan Kerecman (HC), 16.3, Bennie (HC), Timm (M). 3200 Relay: Holy Cross 10:16.4 (Mineo, Suhadolnik, Shivock, Earyes). 100: Nicolette McCloe (HC), 13.3, Pasteka (M), Hensel (M). 1600: Samantha Bennici (M) 5:42.3,Kearns(HC), Cole (HC). 400: Allison Lewis (M) 1:00.7, Slowey (HC), Gilhool (M). 400 Relay: Holy Cross (McCloe, Graziano, Borowski, Hensel) 52.3. 300 Hurdles: Jacqueline Bennie (HC) 52.3, Timm (M), Blachek (M). 800: Samantha Bennici (M) 2:32.4, Mineo (HC), A. Russell (M). 200: Nicolette McCloe (HC), 27.1, A. Lewis (M), Gilhool (M). 3200: Melissa Kearns (HC) 12:46.6, T. Kearns (HC), Cosgrove (HC). 1600 Relay: Montrose (A. Lewis, Gilhool, Bennici, Dieck) 4:20.6. Shot: Emily Hughes (HC) 29-2 ¾, Thompson (M), Holmes (HC). Discus: Emily Hughes (HC) 98-9, Zawaki (HC), Holmes (HC). Javelin: Emily Hughes (HC) 112-10, Thompson (M), Zawaki (HC). Long: Kira Graziano (HC) 15, A. Lewis (M), Dieck (M). Triple: Devan Kerecman (HC) 30-5, N. Lewis (M), Dieck (M). High: Maddelyn Pasteka (M) 4-10, (M), Gibson (M), Flannery (HC). Pole: Devan Kerecman (HC) 10-0, Borowski (HC), Timm (M).


Mountain View’s boys’ track and field team picked up its second win over the year in a meet againstCarbondaleon Thursday, while the Lady Eagles took a loss.

Mountain View’s boys’ team took a 77-62 win overCarbondaleas Liam Maloney won the 110 and 300 hurdles and triple jump.

The Lady Eagles faced an 85-58 loss but had top finishes from Stephanie Virbitsky in the 800 and 1600.

Mtn. View boys 77,

Carbondale 62

110 Hurdles: Maloney (M) 18.2, Calabro (C), Becker (M). 3200 Relay:Mountain View(Crowley,Davis, Bernosky, Goodenough)9:21. 100:BrandonSales (C) 11.6, Frias (C), Weiler (M). 1600: Ridgeberonski (M)5:21, Farrell (C). 400:Crowley(M) 55.2, Goodenough (M), Sales (C). 400 relay:Carbondale(Edwards, Sales, Frias, Sales) 47.5. 300 Hurdles: Maloney (M) 45.8, Calabro (C), Becker (M). 800:Davis(M)2:20.Crowley(M), Farrell (C). 200: Edwards (C) 24.2, Hays (M), Weiler (M). 3200: Becker (M)13:48, Drawga (C), Mazza (C). 1600 Relay:Carbondale(Farrell, Calabro, Frias, Sales)4:15. Shot: Hughes (C) 43, Decker (M), Owens (C). Discus: Decker (M) 103-3, Hughes (C), Stinnard (C). Javelin: Owens (C) 125-3, Decker (M), Stinnard (C). Long: Edwards (C) 19-8¾, Maloney (M), Marsh (M). Triple: Maloney (M) 38-1, Marsh (M), Goodenough (M).

Carbondale girls 85,

Mtn View 58

100 Hurdles: Ashley Opalka (C) 19, Santiago (C), Holly (C). 3200 Relay: Mtn. View (Zeck, Condgon, Vemix, Zrowka)13:03. 100: Jessica Bostjancic (M) 13.9, Skorupa (C), Adamski (C). 1600: Stephanie Virbitsky (M)6:52, Martzen (C), Gilloti (C). 400: Marissa Cosmetis (C) 1:08, Brady (C), Congdon (M). 400 relay: (Opalka,Santiago, Berrios, Skorupa) 57.3. 300 Hurdles: Marissa Cosmetis (C) 56, Maloney (M). 800: Virbitsky (M)3:10, Thomas (C), Grace (C). 200: Hayley Skorupa (C) 29.4, Stanchik (M), Gaynor (M). 3200: Martzen (C)15:58, Virbitsky (M). 1600 Relay:Carbondale(Jablonski, Berrios, Brady, Cosmetis)4:52. Shot: Emily Scotchlas (C) 25, Gow (M), Lackwood (M). Discus: Emily Scotchlas (C) 66-11, Lackwood (M), Misura (C). Javelin: Ariana Brady (C) 103, Lochood (M), Virbitsky (M). Long: Dominique Chadwick (M) 13-10, Adamski (C), Skorupa (C). Triple: Maloney (M) 27-3, Chadwick (M), Opalka (C). High: Ariana Brady (C) 4-7, Chadwick (M). Pole: Ashley Opalka (C) 6-6.