Lady Meteor 4×400 team claims gold

Montrose’s 4x400 relay team of, from left, Meghan Gilhool, Allison Lewis, Samantha Bennici and Myra Lattimore celebrate after taking gold on Thursday evening.


Times-Shamrock Writer

Several local athletes medaled at the District II Class AA track and field championships at Scranton Memorial Stadium on Thursday with the Montrose girls’ team leading the way.

Montrose held first place throughout the 1600-meter relay, the final girls race of the meet.

Then, with Holy Redeemer chasing a sweep of the relays, Samantha Bennici made one final sprint to the finish and held on for a gold medal for the team that included Allison Lewis, Meghan Gilhool and Myra Lattimore in a time of 4:07.78.

“It’s really an amazing feeling,” Bennici said. “We worked so well together. I ran really hard in that last 100 meters, because I wanted to do it for the team.

Montrose’s Sam Bennici, right, grabs the baton from teammate Myra Lattimore in the 4x400 relay on the way to taking first place at 4:07.78. The team also featured Allison Lewis and Meghan Gilhool

“When I crossed that line, I never felt that excited in my entire life.”

Taking second place medals for the Meteors were Allison Lewis in the 400 and Madelyn Pasteka in the high jump.

Elk Lake had three second place medals as Elizabeth Trowbridge took second in the 1600, the 4×800 relay team of Maria Trowbridge, Kirsten Hollister, Elizabeth Trowbridge and Jenny VanEtten took second and Megan Bush took second in the shot put.

Warrior Kenzie Jones took a fourth place medal for the Warriors in the 3200 and Taylor Watkins claimed fifth in the javelin as

Montrose’s Allison Lewis runs her way to a second place finish in the 400 at 60.03.

the Lady Warriors took sixth in the team standings.

All first and second place finishers qualify to compete in the PIAA Class AA State Championships on Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26, at Seth Grove Stadium atShippensburgUniversity.

Team standings: Holy Redeemer 141; Lakeland 95; Holy Cross 84½; Northwest 67½; Hanover Area 64½; Montrose 59½; Elk Lake 48; Meyers 38; GAR 35; Dunmore 19; Mid Valley 15; Lake-Lehman 13; Susquehanna 12; Mountain View 4; Lackawanna Trail 2; Riverside 2; Nanticoke 1; Carbondale 1.



4×800 Relay: ElkLake’s girls’ team of Maria Trowbridge, Kirsten Hollister, Elizabeth Trowbridge and Jenny VanEtten placed second at

9:54.09. Top finisher Holy Redeemer at 9:39.52. Montrose’s team of Makayla Dearborn, Samantha Bennici, Emma Washo and Angela Russell took fifth at 10:39.14.

100 Hurdles: Susquehanna’s Melissa



Kukowski took sixth at 17.20. Top finisher wasLakeland’s Cassidy Jenkins at 14.91.

100: Montrose’s Myra Lattimore took fifth at 13.26. Top finisher was Meyers’ Tess Sauer at 12.64.

1600: ElkLake’s Elizabeth Trowbridge took second at 5:27.85. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Cassandra Gill at 5:18.63.ElkLake’s Lainey Bedell took fourth at 5:36.17.Mountain View’s Kelly Purdy took fifth at 5:42.18.Blue Ridge’s Casey Purdum placed ninth at 5:48.75. Montrose’s Emma Washo placed 15th at 6:04.61. Montrose’s Mikayla Dearborn took 21st at 6:38.11. Susquehanna’s Emily Day placed 22nd at 7:02.72.

400: Montrose’s Allison Lewis placed second at 60.03. Top finisher wasHanover’s Amy Viti at 57.56.ElkLake’s Kirsten Hollister placed fourth at 62.22. Montrose’s Meghan Gilhool took ninth at 63.63. Susquehanna’s Lindsey Burdick took 10th at 66.02.Mountain View’s Dedra Congdon took 18th at 71.07.

4×100 Relay: Montrose’s team of Myra Lattimore, Nichole Lewis, Rebecca Timm and Madelyn Pasteka placed fifth at 53.73. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer at 50.72.Blue Ridge’s team of Kailey Ragard, Katherine Kempa, Lauren Whitney and Erin Perry took ninth at 55.23. Susquehanna’s team of Melissa Kukowski, Lindsey Burdick, Kayla Swartz and Chelsea Sparks took 14th at 59.77.

Susquehanna’s Melissa Kukowski took a sixth place finish in the 100 hurdles on Thursday.

300 Hurdles: Montrose’s Rebecca Timm took third at 50.32. Top finisher was Lakeland’s Cassidy Jenkins at 46.38. Montrose’s Emily Blachek placed 11th at 54.08. Elk Lake’s Cassy Salsman took 14th at 54.62. EL’s Carley Bennett took 15th at 54.87. Blue Ridge’s Logan Ellis took 16th at 55.32. Susquehanna’s Ana Alvidrez took 20th at 64.54. Mountain View’s Hayley Maloney placed 21st at 66.75.

800: Montrose’s Samantha Bennici took third at 2:25.01. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Melissa Cruz at 2:17.05.ElkLake’s Maria Trowbridge took fourth at 2:25.49. Susquehanna’s Ivy Christenson took sixth at 2:28.92.Blue Ridge’s Lauren Whitney placed 10th at 2:33.48. Montrose’s Kaylee Russell took 18th at 2:40.24. Montrose’s Angela Russell placed 21st at 2:49.41.

200: Montrose’s Madelyn Pasteka took fifth at 27.55. Top finisher was Meyers’ Tess Sauer at 26.41.

Kenzie Jones finished fourth in the 3200 for Elk Lake.

3200: ElkLake’s Kenzie Jones took fourth at 12:13.73. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Cassandra Gill at 11:30.26.Mountain View’s Kelly Purdy took 10th at 13:16.62.

4×400 Relay: Montrose’s team of Samantha Bennici, Allison Lewis, Myra Lattimore and Meghan Gilhool placed first at 4:07.78.Blue Ridge’s team of Katherine Kempa, Lauren Whitney, Erin Perry and Sierra Hall took 10th at 4:42.90. Susquehanna’s team of Melissa Kukowski, Ivy Christenson, Sarah Serfilippi and Lindsey Burdick took 12th at 4:49.82.Mountain View’s team of Dominique Chadwick, Kelly Purdy, Dedra Congdon and Stephanie Virbitsky took 13th at 5:09.18.

High Jump: Montrose’s Madelyn Pasteka took second at 4-10. Top finisher wasLakeland’s Tori Doyle at 5-02. Montrose’s Nichole Lewis placed ninth at 4-06.

Pole Vault: Montrose’s Rebecca Timm took sixth at 8-00. Top finisher was Holy Cross’ Devan Kerecman at 11-00.

Long Jump: Montrose’s Madelyn Pasteka placed sixth at 16-05.25. Top finisher was GAR’s Quiterra Gross at 17-06.50. Montrose’s Allison Lewis placed 14th at 15-01.25.Blue Ridge’s Logan Ellis took 15th at 14-05.50.Mountain View’ Dominique Chadwick took 19th at 14-01.25. Montrose’s Hanna Dieck took 21st at 13-10.ElkLake’s Olivia Laudeman took 24th at 12-07.

Triple Jump: ElkLake’s Kellie Grosvenor took 11th at 30-11. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Julia Wignot at 35-10.50. Montrose’s Myra Lattimore placed 12th at 30-10.75.Mountain View’s Dominique Chadwick took 21st at 27-08.Blue Ridge’s Erin Perry placed 22nd at 25-05.25.

Elk Lake’s Meghan Bush took a second place finish in the shot put with a throw of 35-03. STAFF PHOTO/ED KING

Shot Put: ElkLake’s Meghan Bush took second at 35-03. Top finisher wasDunmore’s Jill Korgeski at 35-04.ElkLake’s Lydia Watkins took 15th at 27-11. Montrose’s Brianna Thompson took 17th at 26-11.Blue Ridge’s Dakota Radakovich took 19th at 26-07. Montrose’s Morgan Groover took 21st at 26-04. Montrose’s Rachel Mordovancey placed 22nd at 26-00. Susquehanna’s Sarah Serfilippi took 23rd at 25-03.Mountain View’s Becky Gow took 24th at 21-06.

Discus: Susquehanna’s Sarah Serfilippi took third at 100-01. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Fallyn Boich at 130-00.Blue Ridge’s Dakota Radakovich took ninth at 91-02. Susquehanna’s Rachel Hubal placed 11th at 84-04.ElkLake’s Megan Bush took 13th at 82-03. Montrose’s Rachel Mordovancey took 15th at 79-07. Montrose’s Brianna Thompson took 18th at 76-08.Mountain View’s Stephanie Virbitsky placed 22nd at 66-05.

Javelin: ElkLake’s Taylor Watkins took fifth at 107-08. Top finisher was Holy Redeemer’s Fallyn Boich at 125-06.Blue Ridge’s Kailey Ragard took 17th at 71-05. Montrose’s Kristi Wilbur placed 18th at 63-06. Susquehanna’s Rachel Hubal took 19th at 50-05.