Stray bullet strikes Lenox woman


A 56-year-old woman was shot Saturday afternoon while standing outside her Rt. 547, Lenox Twp. residence.

State Police, Gibson reported that Christine Baker was shot through her left breast. The bullet traveled through her chest and became lodged into the driver’s side door of her Jeep Liberty.

Baker was transported toCommunityMedicalCenter,Scranton, was treated and released.

Troopers scoured the woods and located a group of juvenile males at a residence located onKingsley Rd., Kingsley.

Police interviewed the mother of two of the boys who said her sons and their friends were shooting guns in an old stone quarry on the property shortly before the troopers arrived on the scene.

One of the weapons used by the juveniles was a Stag Arms 15 Caliber 5.56 mm which fires .223 rounds, similar to a round recovered at the shooting scene.

Police said the area the youths were firing from is in a direct downhill line of fire to the Baker residence, located about one mile away.

Charges are pending against those involved and the investigation by Tpr. Mark Keyes is continuing.