Susqy council awards paving contract



At a special meeting of Susquehanna Borough council held on Tuesday, May 22, council awarded a street project contract to Broome Bituminous of Vestal, N.Y.

At the regular meeting on May 8, five bids for paving streets on Church Hill were opened and checked for cost before being turning over to council members and Street Commissioner Steve Glover for review. The lowest bid was for $48,484.50 with the highest being $72,143.63.

According to Councilman Joe Varsik, the major difference in the bids pertained to milling and not the paving.

Before the vote on the motion was called Council President Roberta Reddon asked Glover if he was okay with the proposal by Broome Bitumminous and he said,yes.
A motion was made and seconded to revise nine line items of the budget. Most of the items were increased with four items from state money reimbursement. Treasurer Margaret Biegert attended the meeting and went over the changes and other issues pertaining to the budget.
As the fourth Tuesday of the month is designated as the meeting to hear from the borough committees, council heard from John Sholtis, Parks and Recreation; Mary Weaver, Codes Enforcement Officer; Steve Glover, Streets and Chief Robert Sweet, Police.

Sholtis informed council the combination locks at the Prospect Street Park were not working and were changed. There are now two Dusk to Dawn lights installed and, according to Sholtis this should reduce the vandalism problem.

The need for more No Parking signs are needed, he said.

He was told by President Roberta Reddon if the signs are available they should be installed.

The parks chairman asked for a motion to approve the purchase of modified for work that is needed. This was granted.

Councilman Paul Barnes told Sholtis he expects to have a donation of material to be used at the park by next week.

When a member of the Park Committee said there is never a member of council at the P&R meetings, he was told by Reddon, “You do not need a council member to baby sit your meetings.”

Reddon added this is a meeting for committees and this is where issues should be aired.

When the two bank accounts pertaining to the parks were discussed, the parks committee members  were told those accounts would be under the borough’s control and the proper taxes would be withheld from wages and sent  to the proper agency.

“Everything up there belongs to the borough as we pay the insurance,” Reddon said.

Weaver discussed with council the plans for Clean-Up Day.

As soon as a date is selected and the necessary arrangements are finalized, the papers and other media will be notified to get the word out to the residents to make this project a success, Reddon said.

Weaver is investigating a company which might be willing to bring in dumpsters for tires and scrap; also one for electronics.
Police Chief Sweet informed council a donation has been received from an organization in Carbondale for a Bike Rodeo to be held in August.

It is still undecided if the host will be the borough or the school, Sweet said.

There were several agenda items approved pertaining to Emergency Management.

Council chambers have been designated as the primary EOC with the Fire Station as a secondary emergency operations center.