Susquehanna told sky’s the limit

Some Susquehanna Community High School grads toss their mortar boards in the air at the end of commencement exercises Saturday morning. STAFF PHOTO/HELEN FOSTER



  It may have been dark and dreary outside but inside theSusquehannaCommunityHigh Schoolon Saturday morning, June 9, was far from dismal.

Guest speaker  John Kukowski, a 1968 grad and a semi-retired engineer told themembers of the Class of 2012 to address their future with a positive attitude.

“You now enter a critical stage in life to achieve your dreams,” he said, noting the opportunities are tremendous for the individual who dares to excel and has a positive attitude, thinks positive and talks positive.


“The opportunities are limitless but there is a price to pay. The price will be your time as it takes time to study and put learning ahead of other things,” Kukowski said.

He challenged the graduates to dare to be all they can be: dare to chase their chosen career; dare to excel; dare to leave a mark in the world and dare to be the best they can be.

But, he cautioned, “After the partying is over, I would like you to ask yourself; where is my world heading? If you go forward with a positive attitude and work hard to create a bright future, you will acquire the rewards your efforts deserve.”


Having inside information pertaining to some faculty members, Kukowski added some humor to the occasion by asked the graduates some questions.

One was, “is Mr. Salinkas telling the truth when he says the decisions for Chemistry class are decided at a meeting at Burger King in Hallstead?”

There were also questions pertaining to Mr. Nayduch’s Physics class and few other faculty members that drew laughs from the graduates and also faculty members.

The speaker has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology; and he served in the military during the Vietnam War.

Class President Mary Kemmerer  gave the welcome and introduced Valedictorian Morgan Ofsharick who thanked the administration for providing its students with such a variety of course subjects; such caring and perseverant teachers.

Ofsharick described her class as being relentless and headstrong, stubborn and adamant to the point it can mature into something valuable.

She thanked faculty, friends and especially parents, for being present to witness the graduation of their children, and she urged her classmates to do more than just exist in life but to live life.

Principal Mark Gerchman presented scholastic awards to Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman,  Alexandria Dominick, Courtney Arthur and Branden Deakin.

Susquehanna Community High School Graduates are Jeremy Acone, Elizabeth N. Acosta, Dylan S. Aldrich, Kristine Argyros, Aaron  J. Arthur, Courtney L. Arthur, Ashley C. Ballard, Daphne B. Barnes, Tabitha L. Bibalo, Jamie B. Boerner, Adam M. Boughton, Andrew M. Burdick, Kayla Coleman, Tiffani A. Colwell, Danielle C. Conklin, Emily Arissa Conroy, Duane R. Consla Jr., Karlene Cottrell, Austin J. Cowperthwait, and Ashley Lynn Craig.

Also, Brandon M. Deakin, Brett M. Deakin, Alexandria Rain Dominick, Timothy Thomas Flanagan, Casey Fortune-Squires, Rex A. S. Fullam V, Benjamin G. Gall, Autumn S. Hadlick, David M. Hansen, Heather L. Hedrick, Brittany I. Herold, Matthew R. Hilling, Ashley R. Kapcsandi, Mary H. Kemmerer, Justin A. Kerber, Brenda L. Kochmer, Jared D. Lawson, Mikeala H. Lee, Thomas G. Maby, Jon-Michael P. Marino, Vincent Matta Jr., Sierra M. McConnell, Kristy L. Monks, Alexx J. Nelson, Morgan E. Ofsharick, Zachary P. Ord, Gregory Price, Cooper A. Quick, Dillian J. Rivenburg, Brandon P. Saddlemire, Austin Sampson, Elizabeth Seymour, Stephanie H. Skurski, Christopher Michael Snyder, Zachary S. Stanford, Shane T. Stanton, Anthony S. Stark, Toni A. Testa, Corey M. Towers, Melissa J. Valentine,Lindsay M. Way, A. Wayman, Jr., George L. S. Wilkes, and Stephanie L. Zappe.