Montrose woman pleads in burglary spree



A 35-year-old South Montrose woman, formerly of Meshoppen, could face as much as 120 years in prison and $195,000 in fines after pleading guilty Friday to her role in 15 burglaries inSusquehannaCountybetween last Thanksgiving and Jan. 1.

Daniela Hollister, 35, appeared before President Judge Kenneth Seamans and accepted responsibility for her part in a burglary spree that allegedly also involved her boyfriend Keith James Canfield, of Montrose.

Canfield, 42, still faces 22 counts each of burglary and criminal trespass, 18 counts of theft by unlawful taking, 17 counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and two counts of corruption of minors.

According to court records, Canfield told police Hollister had received money after her Meshoppen home had been flooded which she spent but then started to experience pain from withdrawal from using heroin.

The records suggest that Hollister accompanied Canfield to almost every location that was burglarized, sometimes staying in a truck and sometimes going into the houses.

Canfield was arrested January 1 after allegedly burglarizing aHarfordTownshipresidence.

Canfield told police that he would not allow his girlfriend to bring anything stolen into his house, and everything he took went immediately “to a guy who deals in stolen goods.”

Court records say that after Canfield and Hollister took stuff, they “immediately traded it for money and then got heroin.”

The felony counts are for charges related to break-ins of two different properties onStearns Lake Road(one of which was captured on surveillance video) inJacksonTownshipand a cabin onCat StreetinGibsonTownship.

Judge Seamans said the felony counts against Hollister each carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine, and the misdemeanor counts each carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The misdemeanor counts are for charges related to break-ins in Harford Township on Wilcox Road, on Richardson Road, and on Osborne Road; in Lenox Township on Chicken Coop Road, on Bennett Road, and on Forest Street; in Gibson Township on Powell Road, on Maple Lane, on Franks Road, on Helen’s Road, and on Konsur Road; and in Herrick Township on East Mountain Road.

Her sentencing date has not been set.

District Attorney Jason Legg requested that Hollister be evaluated by the Department of Corrections as a possible candidate for the State Intermediate Punishment program, and said that process could take several weeks.

The SIP program generally requires proof that the offender was motivated by a drug addiction to commit the crimes, has no past violent history, the current offense is not a crime of violence, and the defendant has no mental health issues that would preclude successful participation in the program, Legg said.