Starrucca House to reopen, owner tells Susquehanna council



Susquehanna Borough council heard from Andy Planka, representing the owner of the Starrucca House, at their June 12, meeting. At the invitation of Council President Roberta Reddon, Planka attended the meeting and said the owners plan to re-open a restaurant and ballroom with an “Around the World” décor.

They are presently working on repairing the roof and working with a contractor for the wiring and according to Planka, it should not be more than a year before it is re-opened.

“Hope the plans will go forward,” Reddon said.

Codes Enforcement Officer Mary Weaver told Planka the construction codes inspector will be in the area and asked if she should notify him and he said, “yes”.

Mayor Bill Perry told council that Susquehanna is the only borough that has not approved  cooperation between the Tri-Boro police departments. Police Chief Bob Sweet attended the meeting and said this will work the same as mutual aid, with the departments focusing onTurnpike Street, Susquehanna and Lanesboro andWestfall Avenue,Oakland.

Perry called the agreement, “Operation Police Saturation”

The approval passed on a motion by Sue Crawford, seconded by Paul Barnes.

Perry also asked that money in the budget not being used be put over into the part-time police budget. This was also approved.

Perry continued his report by bringing to council’s attention the numerous complaints concerning ATV’s.

Perry also had photos from the recent drug bust inOaklandand applauded theOaklandand Susquehanna police for the really good police work.

Under old business, council approved the solicitor reviewing Revitalization Act 90 of 2010 (Blight Ordinance) and preparing an ordinance for the borough.

Reddon suggested residents should be advised what is needed/expected of property owners to keep their properties up to code.  Residents who are not taking care of their property seem to be confused by the different legalities associated with codes, Reddon said.

On a motion by Roy Williams, seconded by Crawford, the $325 bid by A Plus Line and Signs for the crosswalk and parking lot line painting was approved.

Williams made the motion and Debbie Zayas seconded for the solicitor to review the Employees Handbook.

Before council went into executive session, Secretary Diann Robbins informed council the office would be closed on June 13, due to training for the secretary and treasurer.