Don’t worry, Mountain View grads told

Mountain View's retiring superintendent, Andrew Chichura, leads the turning of the tassel, presenting the Class of 2012 as graduates. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON


Mountain View’s 100 graduating seniors will be remembered as “the class of cool.”

So said Principal Andrew Doster at graduation exercises held Wednesday evening in the school auditorium.

Mr. Doster illustrated the point by referencing conversations he had with several of the seniors in his office over the course of the past year.

In one conversation at the end of the second marking period, Doster said he told one student, “You’re in a tough position to graduate. You’re going to need a 96 average

KELLY PURDY Valedictorian

for the rest of the year.”

That was met by an “okay” from the student who went on to say, “Don’t worry Mr. D, it will work itself out.”

And then the principal said he had another conversation with senior (now graduate) Jameson Holleran in which the principal advised him that if he didn’t turn in missing assignments, the student would have to score a 140 on the final exam to graduate.

Mr. Doster said Holleran simply said, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

“In a year that brought chaos from many directions, all of you


provided me moments of peace,” the principal told the graduates.

The student speakers spoke of shared memories and life lessons learned on their road to graduation.

Class president and Salutatorian Alixandria Taylor said graduation was a day for new beginnings with life bringing new choices and obstacles but said it was “up to us to decide how to tackle them.”

“Be the sole decided of who you want to be,”Taylorsaid.

Valedictorian Kelly Purdy also reflected on life lessons. After giving the dictionary meaning of “life,” Purdy said the term was actually impossible to define. “It’s different for each one of us.”

But she said in her time at Mountain Viewshe learned three things about life. It is unpredictable. Talent only goes so far, and then hard work must take over. And, no price can be placed on the value of a true friend.

The feelings were summed up by Class Vice President Alexandra Scott. “We’re more than classmates and friends, we are family. These truly were the best days of our lives.”

Happy grads Jordan Noldy, Seth Schmidt and Dominique Horrocks have official diplomas in hand after the Mountain View graduation ceremony Wednesday night. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

The 2012 graduates of Mountain View High School are: Cody M. Albert, Sabryna M. Alley, Curtis J. Althouse, Anna Lee Barney, Dylan John Barney, Tess A. Berish, Ridge Samuel Bernosky, Jeffrey M. Bishop, Nicholas A. Bishop, Sarah B. Bowman, Timothy Jameson Bradley, Dalton William Brozonis, Colton James Burdick, Joshua J. Burt, Craig A. Butler,  Dominique Julia Chadwick, Jonathan M. Chipelo, Nathaniel K. Chipelo, Marissa Kate Christina, Elizabeth J. Correll, Melody A. Cummings, Katherine A. Cure, Allison Davis, Isaac Alexander Dean, Dalton R. DeMorrow,  Jeannette Rose Donahue, Azylon M. Dougher, Ryan Cody Falkenberg, Brandon M. Gabriel,  Michaela Danielle Gates, Anthony Joseph Gaynor, Brian Dean Goble Jr., Ralph John Grecco III, Denis E Halstead, Kyle Frederick Heller, James C Holdridge, Kevin A. Holgate, Jameson M. Holleran, Dominique Horrocks, Kevin Mark Jarocha,  Joseph M. Jarrow, Jesse Josiah Johnson, Russell E. Johnson, Ashley T. Jones, Shannon Leigh Kavetski     , Brian L. Keller, David A. Kern, Angelica G. Kester, Adam Martin Klees, Jennifer M. Kochmer, Megan N. Kress, Mercedes L. Kromko, Ryan Carl Lahnemann, Michael  John Lamberson, Stephen G. Landis, Mikeala Heather Lee, Megan Malena         Lewis, Elizabeth J. Lockwood, David Michael Lukens, Victoria N. MacNew, Joel E. Madas, Liam Michael Maloney, Kaitlyn J. Mancini, Noah Richard Marsh, Joseph Adam Marshalek III, Adam Michael Mason, Jeffrey John McAndrew, Melissa Ann McEntee, Jacob Daniel McLean, Joseph Brian McLean, Melinda L. Miller, Melissa A. Monahan, Casandra Joy Moran, Nathan A. Moyer, Robert Michael Murphy, Jordan Lee Noldy         , Carmelitta M. Oakley, Bradley   Joseph Owens, Brandon A, Powers, Sarah Fran Pulice, Tyler J Puorro, Kelly Ann Purdy, Seth Kenneth Schmidt, Helen M Schoonmaker, Patrick C. Schultz II, Alexandra Lauren Scott, Gary James Smith, Jeremy J. Smith, Louis Ray Speed, Casey Elizabeth Streich, Alixandria M. Taylor, Austin L. Tracy, Jerry Francis Vail, John W. Valentine, Florentine Elizabeth Maria Vennix, Michael R. Wakalowski, Melissa S Walker, William Robert Weida, Matthew D. Weiler, and Alyssa M. Whitney.