Blue Ridge ups lunch prices


Cafeteria prices are on the rise atBlue Ridge– a response to federal mandates that require new menu offerings, nutritional guidelines and pricing equity.

Food service director Linda Cole-Koloski told the board at the Monday, July 16, meeting, that after keeping prices steady for years, an increase was now needed.

Lunch prices will rise 15 cents for students in the coming year, bringing the cost of middle and high school lunches up to $1.75 and elementary lunches to $1.50.

Even with the price increase,Blue Ridgelunches are still among the lowest in the county. High school lunches at Susquehanna Community are also $1.75; while prices at other schools in the county range up to $2 per lunch.

Adult lunches, for which the district receives no reimbursement, were raised 40 cents to $3.

Elementary school students will still receive a free breakfast, a program Cole-Koloski implemented several years ago. High school and middle school students breakfasts were raised to $1.

Blue Ridgereceives a federal reimbursement of $2.51 for each meal served as part of the free lunch program. Pricing equity requires that schools charge its students the same amount as the federal reimbursement amount. The price increases do not have to happen all at once, Cole-Koloski told the board. And districts do not have to raise the prices over 10 cents each year.

Also factoring into the increase is a new requirement to add additional fruit and vegetable choices and whole wheat products to the school menu.

Based on the number of meals served in the 2011-12 school year, Cole-Koloski said the required menu additions will cost nearly $27,000 in the coming term. And that figure, she said, did not account for any inflation in the price of food over the next year.

In other cafeteria related business, the board approved Butter Krust Baking Company of Sunbury and Di Renzo Bros. Bakery of Binghamton, N.Y., to supply bread products for the coming year.

Harrt Dairy, of Susquehanna, was the low bidder to supply milk products to the district for 2012-13.

The board accepted the resignation of Secondary mathematics teacher Richard Mackrell, effective July 1.

Shirley Smith was hired as a bus aide to work with an exceptional student on the days he attends school for the 2012-13 school year.

Tracy Shidagis was approved to work as a bus aide for the extended school year program for this summer.

The board also approved Aimee Krause as the yearbook adviser at a rate of $700.

A post season payment of $634.41 was approved for Head Track Coach Joseph Kempa.

The following list of co-curricular positions was also approved by the board:

Raymond Allen, Wrestling Assistant/Jr. High Head Coach; Melanie Gillespie, Girls’ Soccer Head Coach; Bryan Glasgow, Boys’ Soccer Head Coach; Brenda Pruitt, Cheerleading Basketball Adviser; and Kenneth Robinson, Boys’ Volleyball Head Coach.

Board members Laurie Bonner and Priscinda Gaughan were approved to act as voting delgates for the PSBA Legislative Policy Council Meeting to be held on Oct. 18.

The board approved an agreement with NEIU for contracted programs and services for the upcoming school year.

A donation by the Blue Ridge Youth Soccer League for turf work on the athletic field was accepted by the board.

The board also approved the athletic supply bids totaling about $17,719.

At the request of Board President Laurie Bonner, a workshop meeting was scheduled for July 30, at5:30 p.m.for the purpose of goal-setting for the upcoming term.