Pompey on top at Penn Can

Dan Pompey of Glenwood finally ended his five-week stretch of horrible luck at Penn Can Speedway by parking his No.11P Modified in victory lane on Pine Line Auto Night.

Pompey led every lap from his outside pole starting position and ran away from the field for the majority of the 30-lap event to take his second win of the season.  Pompey was followed at the finish by a rough and tumble battle for second that saw Kevin Bates hold off Brett Tonkin.

The 602 Sportsman ran Twin 15 lap events that were won by Rich Talada and Grant Hilfiger.  Earl Zimmer won in the Street Stocks while two first time winners rounded out the action Steve Simpson (Factory Stocks) and Matt Hynds (Four Cylinders).

Bobby Trapper and Pompey led the Modifieds field to the green flag with Pompey jumping into the lead at the start.  Pompey quickly pulled away from Trapper, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Tom Oleski and Adam MacGeorge.

On lap three the caution flew for a multi-car incident in turn three.  Alan Rudalavage got spun by Joey Grammes and collected Kevin Hartnett, Mike Nagel Jr. and Alex Tonkin.  The restart saw Pompey lead with Walsh taking second just ahead of a wild race for third.  Bobby Trapper Jr. moved to third on lap six with Oleski and Kevin Bates just behind.

Pompey had already built a sizeable lead by lap eight meanwhile 10th starter Bates and 13th starter Brett Tonkin were moving their way to the front.  Trapper Jr. moved in to challenge Walsh for second on lap 12 but before he could make the pass the caution flew for a three car tangle.  The top five were Pompey, Walsh, Trapper Jr., Bates andTonkin.  On the restart Pompey surged back ahead while Walsh and Trapper Jr. battled for second.  Walsh nearly got into the back of Pompey in turn three on lap 14 but he jumped on the brakes and lost several spots.

Bates moved to second following Walsh’s bobble whileTonkinwas after Trapper Jr. for third.  With a dozen laps to go Pompey was pulling away meanwhileTonkinmoved to third past Trapper Jr. Tonkintracked down Bates on lap 23 and slid to his inside.  The two made solid contact with Bates holding the spot, Bates was trying to hold the inside whileTonkinwas glued to his back bumper. Tonkinwas banging on Bates’ back bumper for the next four laps but Bates wasn’t letting him by on the inside. Tonkinfinally tried the outside on the last lap but Bates ran him to the outside wall going down the backstretch forcingTonkinto get off the gas.

Pompey in the Monteforte Fireworks sponsored Main Engines powered Bicknell took the win by a straightaway over Bates in his Locklins Bottled Gas No.42B andTonkinin the Grimm Construction No.176.  Trapper Jr. ofScrantonplaced fourth for his best run of the year while relative newcomer Mel Schrufer ofBloomingburg,N.Y., finished an impressive run in fifth.  The next five were Mike Colsten, Mike Schane, Walsh, Grammes and Mike Nagel.  Heat races were won by Walsh, Pompey and Oleski.

The 602 Sportsman competed in Twin 15 lap events of Friends of Natural Gas Night on Friday. The first feature saw Dusty Barton led throughout until he bobbled in turn one with two to go allowing Rich Talada to slip by to take the lead.  Talada ran away from Barton on the last lap to take his second win of the season.  Alex Stanton, Grant Hilfiger and Kyle Rohner completed the top five.  The second feature had Barton the leader again but Hilfiger took the lead by lap four and marched away from the field for his fourth win of the year.  Hilfiger was followed by Paul Rooney, Rohner, Talada and Stanton.

Earl Zimmer cruised to win number six in the Street Stock division.  Zimmer was challenged by Ryan Stone early but ended up pulling away for the win Stone was second while Steve Deinhardt, Tom Eiklor and Ken Sparks Jr. were the top five.

Steve Simpson finally took down a well-deserved win in the Factory Stocks as he outlasted Rob Warner and George Brown.  Matt Hynds was also a first time winner as he bested Andy Brigham and Klem Underwood in the Four Cylinder Main. 

Pine Line Auto/Friends of Natural Gas Night


Modified Feature: 1.Dan Pompey 2.Kevin Bates 3.Brett Tonkin 4.Bobby Trapper 5.Mel Schrufer 6.Mike Colsten 7.Mike Schane 8.Bobby Gunther Walsh 9.Joey Grammes 10.Mike Nagel 11.Alan Rudalavage 12.Joey Colsten 13.Adam MacGeorge 14.Brian Malcolm 15.Alex Tonkin 16.Christine Martin 17.Bill Miller 18.Bobby Trapper 19.Darwin Greene 20.Steve Babicek 21.Mike Nagel Jr. 22.Tom Oleski 23.Nick Petrilak 24.Kevin Hartnett DNS: Ken Titus.

602 First Sportsman Feature: Rich Talada, Dusty Barton, Alex Stanton, Grant Hilfiger, Kyle Rohner, Butch Green, Paul Rooney, Randall Paxton, Steve Hicks, Wayne Ross, Randy Gates, Eric Bonham, Wes Campbell, Kyle DeMetro

602 Second Sportsman Feature: Grant Hilfiger, Paul Rooney, Kyle Rohner, Rich Talada, Alex Stanton, Steve Hicks, Dusty Barton, Randall Paxton, Wes Campbell, Butch Green, Eric Bonham, Randy Gates, Wayne Ross, DNS, Kyle DeMetro

Street Stock Feature: Earl Zimmer, Ryan Stone, Steve Deinhardt, Tommy Eiklor, Ken Sparks Jr., Herb Penny, Shane Wolf, Joe Cabets

Factory Stock Feature: Steve Simpson, Rob Warner, George Brown, Matt Sisenstein, Buck Mills Jr., Gary Cleveland, Ted Mills, Nathan Hill, Ted Mills III

4 Cylinder Feature: Matt Hynds, Andy Brigham, Klem Underwood, Jason Colwell, John Siedlecky, Scott Adams, Brian Roth, Ronald Welch, Lenny Collins

(Compiled by Ryan Lepre.)