Sea Scouts ride Delaware rapids

One of Ship 90’s canoes runs through Skinner’s Fall’s rapids during a five-day trip on the Delaware River.

Sea Scout Ship 90 members and their leaders embarked, June 22, on a five-day whitewater canoeing adventure down theDelaware River.

The 18 sea scouts launched inHancock,N.Y., and canoed through many exciting rapids, including Skinner’s Falls, which claimed the dry clothes of four of the canoeist, as two of the boats were swamped in the falls.

During the hot days, the scouts took in the breathtaking scenery of theUpper Delaware River, saw many eagles and went swimming at their campsites.

Nights for the scouts were filled with card games, food and time with friends.

On the fourth day of the trip, the sea scouts ran the No. 9 Rail Road Bridge Rapads, Masthope Rapids, Colang Rapids and the Kunkell Rapids.

The scouts expertly maneuvered through the large waves and rocks of the exciting and very fast rapids.

Two canoeists, Austin Chludzinski and Anthony Miller rigged a mast with sail that could be lowered when running through fast-moving waters. The mast worked amazingly well when the wind was off the stern of the canoe.

Other sea scouts and leaders who made the trip were ship’s boatswain Josh Warner; crew leaders Katie Greene and Eric Potter; sea scouts Joe Bancy, Leeanna Farnelli, Katie Grubb, Kathleen Laduke, Christian Chludzinski, Chris Powers, Lizzy Hinkley, Trinity Spencer, Tiffany Spencer; Skipper Chuck Jaget; first mate Helen Reed; second mate Judy Dennis; and commodore Ron Hall.

The sea scouts issued a special thanks to Davis Reed who organized the convoy of six vehicles to haul the nine canoes toHancock,N.Y., and pick the canoeists up a Lackawaxen.

The trip marked the sea scouts 31st year on theDelaware River. The first trip, in 1973, was led by Don Johnson and Ron Hall.

Later this summer, Sea Scout Ship 90 will sail for 10 days on two 30-foot sailboats fromLewes,Del., through the CD Canal into theChesapeake Bayand on toBaltimore,Md., to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sea Scouting with other scouts.

Anyone interested in being part of Sea Scout Ship 90 can call Commodore Ron Hall at 465-3218; or Skipper Chuck Jaget at 756-2805.