Third Conservation District Director resigns


In the past few weeks, three Susquehanna County Conservation District Directors have resigned their positions.

The latest, a verbal resignation by Pauline Fallon was accepted, effective July 5, by the county commissioners at the July 11 meeting. Thomas Helmacy and Bill Ord have also recently tendered their resignations as District Directors.

Jeffrey Dahlander, Democratic candidate for the 111th state house seat, asked the commissioners why Fallons’ resignation was not accepted with regret, differing from other resignations accepted during the meeting by the commissioners.

Fallon, who was in attendance, said she felt the Conservation Board was being undermined but did not elaborate on the statement.

Commissioner Chair Allen Hall said he had hoped Fallon would not resign her position. “We will definitely miss her from the program.” he said.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco offered to amend the motion, adding “with regret.” a move that Commissioner MaryAnn Warren appeared to oppose.

Warrenserves as the Commissioner Director on the Conservation District Board of Directors.

Warrensaid that the commissioners did not accept the resignations from Helmacy or Ord with regret.

Brian Severcool of Dimock Twp. was appointed by the commissioners to fill the spot opened with Fallon’s resignation.

According to the agenda, the term expires Dec. 31 of this year. Fallon, disagreed, saying she thought the term actually expires Dec. 31, 2013.

The commissioners were asked if any other candidates had shown interest of had been considered for the director’s position.

Warrensaid Severcool stepped up to the plate and has been a very active participant with the conservation district.

The commissioners did acknowledge President Judge Kenneth Seamans acceptance, with regret, of the resignations of Edward Millard, from the Tipstaff of the Court of Common Pleas; and Marissa McAndrew, law clerk. McAndrew’s resignation is effective July 27. No date was listed for Millard.

The commissioners also acknowledged the hiring by Treasurer Cathy Benedict of Linnie Donohue, Sharon Stockholm and Mary Lou Warner to temporary positions to process doe permits starting on July 9.

Sarah Tiffany, Montrose, was also hired to fill temporary, part-time clerical position in the county tax claim office through the September Upset Tax Sale.

The commissioners also adopted a resolution increasing the Cremation Authorization fee from $15 to $25 at the request of County Coroner Anthony Conarton, effective July 11.

Sealed bids for the sale following items will be accepted for 10 days in the county clerk’s office:

Troy Built three-foot sickle bar; Blue Giant pallet jack; John Deere fertilizer spreader pull behind; Martin Mchainery 35kw generator, 4-cylinder, white motor used 40.8 hours; General Electric Maxi-Power 25 kw generator, 4-cylinder, white motor used 1014.3 hours; Dayton 8kw propane or natural gas standby generator with automatic transfer switch; Kohler 4kw propane generator; 8-foot stainless steel hopper cinder spreader; 44×18.00-20 Turf Tires on John Deere rims; 27×8.5-15 Tires on John Deere rims.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the commissioners were asked if any of the discussions that took place during the meeting would be included in the meeting minutes.

Hall said, “Anything that happens here is public comment.”

The commissioners have made it their policy that public comment will not appear in the meeting minutes and that “official testimony” would be included. The commissioners also have maintained that they will determine what qualifies as official testimony.

Audience member Bruce Paskoff asked the commissioners to reinstate its practice of 4-1/2 years ago that recorded public comments in the meeting minutes.

Craig Stevens also asked that those who were present to speak to the commissioners be included in the meeting minutes.

Stevens also admonished the commissioners about the crowded and hot conditions in the meeting room.