Penn Can crowns small car winners

Weather forced the management of Penn Can Speedway to reschedule the Small Car Summer Nationals one week after its original date.

With great weather this past Sunday, over one hundred race teams came to participate in the event sponsored by S&S Speedways, Graphix by Billy, Hilbert Sportswear, and Kieper Speed Supply.

Butch Getz continued his mastery of the Penn Can oval winning in the Xcel Modified over Ryan Higgs, and Nick Mady. In the 600 Sprint feature Tyler Walter worked his way to front taking the lead from Tim Buckwalter to win for the second time at the speedway. In the 270 sprint feature Patrick Bealer jumped out to an early lead and held off challenges of Brandon Winters and Rob Pajauis. In one of the most competitive features of the day Tyler Dippel came out on top of the slingshot main event battling all race long with Simon Ehan, Ben Whitaker, and Shannon Smith. The Speedster feature was claimed by Paul Lotier Jr over Freddie Rahmer, and Brittany Wixon.

Xcel  600 Modifieds: Butch Getz, Ryan Higgs, Nick Mady, Sean Weiss, Chris Stockham, Richie Hitzler, Scott Washburn, Will Eastman, Joe Fanelli, Kailee Dimorier, Jeremy Guistwite, Cody Clark, Sean Burd, Chris Eckert, Justin Dimorier, Abbey Price, Danny Simon, Marty Bunker, Ronnie Molnar.

600 Sprints: Tyler Walton, Tim Buckwalter, Ryan Smith, Tyler Walker, Tyler Ross, James Morris, Austin Ely, Mick D’Agostino, Alysha Ruggles, Joseph Smith, Chad Sandt, Eddie Strada, Bret Guzik, Harle Stanhope, Jerry Schott Jr, Darryl Ruggles, Molly Chambers, Kyle Brown, Rick Calvert, Shaun Lawton.

270 Sprints: Patrick Bealer, Braydon Winters, Rob Pajauis, Kenneth Hockenbroch, Dane Tobias, John Braim, Tyler Snook, Dennis Rinehimer, Darin Bartholomew, Mason Peters, Gary Kester, Mark Ewer, Kendall Segar, John Walp, Kyle Traver,Quinn Roberts, Ryan Smith, CJ Heinig, Rusty Crone , Aaron Duvall, Jared Zionkowski, Gene Burd.

Slingshots: Tyler Dippel, Simon Egan, Ben Whitaker, Shannon Smith, Wes Hearn, Collin DuBois, Bob Boughton, Nick Molyneux, Joseph Krum, Kevin Griffiths, Kamdin Maby, Leo McGurrin, Caitlin Krum, Alex Boughton, Tom Arndt,Charlie Towner, Jerry Hughes, Shannon Smith, Tom Johnson, Earlene Smyth, Paul Ennes, Evan Barnes.

Speedsters: Paul Lotier Jr, Freddie Rahmer, Brittany Wixon, Rich Tobias, Anthony Perrego, Brandon Rahmer, Al Arrisher, Mikeel McGee, John Wolfe, Joe Sanfillipo, Tori Donaldson.