SCCTC looking at nurse program


At Thursday’s meeting of the Susquehanna County Career andTechnologyCenter, there was a presentation by Alice Davis on the new Licensed Practical Nurse program at the SCCTC.

A feasibility study was conducted, andDavisbrought information on more than 30 employers in a 50 mile radius that will be employing LPNs in the future.

She said that onlyFloridahas a larger elderly population thanPennsylvania.

“The component that is the biggest, most unique plus is that prospective students can be evaluated coming in to see if they have deficiencies in math, academics, etc.”

According toDavis, students applying for registered nurse programs at colleges and universities are having difficulty passing entrance exams, and that only 15 percent taking the RN entrance exams nationally pass the test.

The SCCTC’s LPN program will prepare students by addressing their academic skills and nursing skills at the same time.

She said that a pharmacy technician program is also in the works.

According toDavis, the health care programs would be eligible for financial aid because the SCCTC program has already been approved.

She said that theLuzerneCountyCommunity Collegeis no longer offering a nursing program here, and thatMansfieldUniversityis “very interested in articulating with us.”