Montrose outswings Mt. View

At Montrose Country Club, Lance Nealy, Katie Clark, Cory Morrison, Codi Bennedic and Brad Wayman all won their individual and better-ball matches to lead the Meteors.

Tyler Salak had the lone individual win forMountain View.

Individuals: Lance Nealy (MON) over Seth Decker, 5 and 4; Katie Clark (MON) over Chad Wescott, 4 and 3; Cory Morrison (MON) over Cameron Walsh, 4 and 3; Tyler Salak (MTV) over Austin Smith, 1-up; Codi Bennedic (MON) over Jake Heller, 5 and 4; Brad Wayman (MON) over Nick Sabuacak, 3 and 1.

Better-ball: Nealy-Clark over Decker-Wescott, 5 and 4; Morrison-Smith over Walsh-Salak, 3 and 1; Bennedic-Wayman over Heller-Sabuacak, 2 and 1.

Mountain View

At Rock Creek on Friday,Mountain Viewtook a 7-2 win overForestCityafter picking up a 5-4 win overRiversideon Thursday.

AgainstForest City,ChadWescott, Tyler Salak, Nick Sabuacak and Seth Decker won their individual and better-ball matches to leadMountain View.

Mitchell Blake and Vince DeLucy had individual wins forForestCity.

On Thursday, Wescott shot 1-under 35 to leadMountain ViewoverRiverside.

Mt. View 7, Forest City 2

Individuals: Chad Wescott (MTV) over Dylan O’Dell, 1-up; Mitchell Blake (FC) over Jake Heller, 2 and 1; Tyler Salak (MTV) over Adam Kowalewski, 3 and 2; Vince DeLucy (FC) over Brian Owens, 3 and 2; Nick Sabuacak (MTV) over Nick Luchonka, 3 and 2; Seth Decker (MTV) over Sean McCormick, 3 and 2.

Better-ball: Wescott-Heller over O’Dell-Blake, 1-up; Salak-Owens over Kowalewski-DeLucy, 3 and 2; Sabuacak-Decker over Luchonka-McCormick, 3 and 2.

Mt. View 5, Riverside 4

Individuals: Carl Pugliese (RIV) over Tyler Salak, 2 and 1; Phil DeFrancesco (RIV) over Jake Heller, 3 and 2; Chad Wescott (MTV) over Adam Leasure, 4 and 3; Seth Decker (MTV) over Aaron Oustrich, 2 and 1; Sean Soroka (RIV) over Brian Owens, 2-up; Nick Sabuacak (MTV) over Mackenzie Evanusa, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Pugliese-DeFrancesco over Salak-Heller, 2 and 1; Wescott-Decker over Leasure-Oustrich, 4 and 3; Owens-Sabuacak over Soroka-Evanusa, 1-up.

Forest City

TheForestCitygolf team was handed a 6.5-2.5 loss from Lackawanna Trail in a match played at Rock Creek on Wednesday afternoon.

Dillon O’Dell and Sean McCormick picked up individual wins for the Foresters.

Individuals: Dalton Mecke (LT) over Mitchell Blake, 5 and 3; Wyatt Cooper (LT) over Vince DeLucy, 2-up; Daniel Richards (LT) over Nick Luchonok, 3 and 1; Dillon O’Dell (FC) over Billy Lee, 4 and 3; Sean McCormick (FC) over John Kwiatkowski, 2 and 1; Ricky Kordish (LT) over Adam Kowalewski, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Mecke-Cooper over Blake-DeLucy, 5 and 3; Richards-Lee split Luchonok-O’Dell; Kwiatkowski-Kordish over McCormick-Kowalewski, 3 and 2.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge’s golf team faced an 8-1 loss toRiversideat Pine Hills C.C. in Lackawanna League action on Wednesday afternoon.

Olivia Rockwell had the lone individual match win forBlue Ridge.

Individuals: Carl Pugliese (R) over Austin French, 3 and 2; Sal DeFransesco (R) by fft.; Adam Leasure (R) over Kasey Burdick, 4 and 3; Aaron Oustrich (R) over Evan Stone, 5 and 4; Olivia Rockwell (BR) over Shawn Soroka, 2 and 1; Mackenzie Evanusa (R) over Abigail Roe, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Pugliese-DeFransesco over French, 5 and 4; Leasure-Oustrich over Burdick-Stone, 5 and 4; Soroka-Evanusa over Rockwell-Roe, 4 and 3.

Elk Lake

The Elk Lake Warrior golf team was handed a 9-0 loss from Old Forge at Summit Hills back nine on Wednesday afternoon.

Individuals: A.J. Cantarella over Jason Vermeulen, 2 and 1; Robert Donovan over Tim Marbaker, 2 and 1; Jordan Ohler over Kenny Brittingham, 5 and 4; Vince Talarico over Curtis Spila, 3 and 2; Cameron Carpenter over Cole Tyler, 4 and 3; John Vols over Ben Townsend, 5 and 4.

Better ball: Cantarella-Donovan over Vermeulen-Marbaker, 3 and 1; Ohler-Talarico over Brittingham-Spilla, 4 and 3; Carpenter-Vols over Tyler-Townsend, 4 and 3.