Archbald man charged in April Dunkin Donuts robbery


Robbery charges are expected to be filed against an Archbald-area man police say is responsible for the April 13 hold-up at the Great Bend Dunkin’ Donuts.

Tpr. Mark Keyes, of the PSP, Gibson barracks, reported that a mutual investigation with Scranton Police determined Gerald Fuller Jr., 39, was responsible for the donut shop robbery.

Fuller had been previously arrested byScrantonpolice for similar crimes and matched the description of the Dunkin Donuts robber.

In an interview with troopers from PSP, Gibson, Fuller admitted to robbing the store. He got away with $1400 in the heist.

Fuller is being held in theLackawannaCountyprison in a string of robbery charges. He also faces similar charges inLuzerneCounty.

An arraignment date has not yet been set in connection with theSusquehannaCountyincident.

Earlier this year, Michelle Shepard, 38, of Hallstead, attempted to implicate an innocent man, David DuaneIII, in the robbery by fabricating evidence in the case.

Police were able to immediately able to clear Duane of the alleged wrongdoing as the store camera caught the robber on video. Duane did not fit the height and build of the robbery suspect and he also has identifying tattoos which would have been easily visible on the video, police said at the time of Shepard’s preliminary hearing in New Milford District Court.

Shepard pleaded guilty to false report – falsely incriminate another in connection with that case. She was sentenced to serve four to 15 months in prison on the charge. The sentence is running concurrent with other sentences also handed down to Shepard June 13 in Susquehanna County Court.