Meteor golfers drop Dunmore

The Montrose Area golf team notched a 6.5-2.5 victory overDunmoreat Montrose Country Club on Tuesday as freshman Austin Smith shot even-par to lead the Meteors to a Division II win.

Individuals: Joe Belucci (DUN) over Katie Clark, 2 and 1; Dan English (MON) over John Barone, 1-up; Codi Benedict (MON) over Tom Occhipinti, 1-up; Corey Morrison (MON) over Dave Lopatka, 3 and 2; Austin Smith (MON) over John Keating, 3 and 2; Lance Nealy (MON) and Mike Weber (DUN) split.

Better-ball: Belucci-Barone over Clark-English, 2 and 1; Benedict-Morrison over Occhipinti-Lopatka, 2-up; Smith-Nealy over Keating-Weber, 3 and 2.

Mt. View

Mountain View’s golf team faced a 6-3 loss toLakelandat Rock Creek on Thursday after the Eagles grabbed a 5.5-3.5 victory over Mid Valley on Rock Creek’s front nine on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Tyler Salak and Jake Kelleher held on for a 1-up win in better ball to lead the Eagles.

Lakeland 6, Mt. View 3

Individuals: R.J. Longstreet (L) over Jake Heller, 5 and 3; Mike Brennan (L) over Tyler Salak, 2 and 1; Chad Wescott (M) over Mike Thomas, 1-up; Sean Pittack (L) over Brian Owens, 4 and 2; Nick Sabuacak (M) over Connor Albino, 3 and 1; Greg Reeves (L) over Cameron Walsh, 5 and 3.

Better-ball: Longstreet-Brennan (L) over Heller-Salak, 3 and 2; Wescott-Owens (M) over Thomas-Pittack, 2-up; Albino-Reeves (L) over Sabuacak-Walsh, 3 and 1.

Mt. View 5.5, Mid Valley 3.5

Individuals: Chad Wescott (MtV) over Brian Kasperowski, 4 and 3; Tyler Nolan (Mid) over Brian Owens, 4 and 3; Tyler Salak (MtV) over Steve McCauley, 5 and 3; Matt Mierzejewski (Mid) over Jake Kelleher, 3 and 1; Nick Sabuacak (MtV) over Carmen Dellia, 3 and 1; Sean Ottone (Mid) 2 and 1 over Cameron Walsh.

Better ball: Wescott-Owens (MtV) over Kasperowski-Nolan, 2-up; Salak-Kelleher (MtV) over McCauley-Mierzejewski, 1-up; Sabuacak-Walsh (MtV) split with Dellia-Ottone.

Elk Lake

ElkLake’s golf team faced off againstCarbondaleat Panorama on Thursday facing a 6-3 loss afterRiversidehanded the Warriors at 6-3 loss at Tall Pines on Wednesday.

FacingCarbondale, Jason Vermeulen and Cole Tyler had individual wins.

AgainstRiverside,ElkLakehad individual wins from Tim Marbaker and Cole Tyler and a Better ball victory from Tyler and Ben Townsend.

Carbondale 6, Elk Lake 3

Individuals: Bob Brady (CAR) over Tim Marbaker, 3 and 2; Jason Vermeulen (EL) over Jeff Arthur, 4 and 3; Karysn Wright (CAR) over Curtis Spila, 3 and 2; Cole Tyler (EL) over Mollie Salitsky, 5 and 3; Bryan Boyle (CAR) over Kenny Brittingham, 5 and 3; Rosanna Misiura (CAR) over Ben Townsend, 4 and 2.

Better-ball: Brady-Arthur 1-up; Spila-Tyler 3 and 1; Boyle-Misiura 4 and 3.

Riverside 6, Elk Lake 3

Individuals: Sean Soroka (RIV) over Jason Vermeulen, 2 and 1; Carl Pugliese (RIV) over Kenny Brittingham, 5 and 4; Justin Copp (RIV) over Curtis Spila, 2 and 1; Tim Marbaker (EL) over Aaron Oustrich, 1-up; Cole Tyler (EL) over Sal DeFrancesco, 5 and 4; Adam Leasure (RIV) over Ben Townsend, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Soroka-Pugliese (R) over Vermeulen-Brittingham, 4 and 3; Copp-Oustrich (R) over Spila-Marbaker, 1-up; Tyler-Townsend (EL) over DeFrancesco-Leasure, 2 and 1.

Blue Ridge

TheBlue Ridgegolf team took a 9-0 loss fromDunmoreon Wednesday at the Conklin Players Club.

Individuals: Mike Weber over Casey Burdick, 2 and 1; John Keating over Ty Herbert, 3 and 2; John Barone over Olivia Rockwell, 2-up; Joe Bellucci over Abbie Roe, 5 and 4; Dave Lopatka over Austin French, 2 and 1; Tom Occhipinti over Mike Gathany, 2-up.

Better-ball: Weber-Keating over Burdick-Herbert, 3 and 2; Barone-Bellucci over Rockwell-Roe, 2-up; Lopatka-Occhipinti over French-Gathany, 2 and 1.

Forest City

TheForestCitygolf team took a 5-4 win over Old Forge at Memorial Links on Thursday afternoon.

Mitchell Blake made a 15-foot birdie putt to tie his match and secure the win forForestCity.

Individuals: Nick Luchonok (FC) over John Vols, 5 and 3; Cameron Carpenter (OF) over Vince DeLucy, 4 and 3; Robert Donovan (OF) over Nick Rutledge, 3 and 2; Dylan O’Dell (FC) over A.J. Cantarella, 2 and 1; Adam Kovaleski (FC) over Vince Talerico, 3 and 2; Mitchell Blake (FC) and Jordan Ohler (OF) split.

Better-ball: Vols-Carpenter over Luchonok-DeLucy, 3 and 2; Rutledge-O’Dell and Donovan-Cantarella split; Kovaleski-Blake over Talerico-Ohler, 2 and 1.