County Democrats hold steak bake

Attending the Sept, 22 Democratic SteakBake are, from left, county auditor Susan Jennings; 23rd senatorial dist. candidate Luana Cleveland; secretary Tom Charles; state committee Nancy Hurley; county chairman Bob McNamara; vice-chairman Christine Sezer; treasurer Rick Ainey; county commissioner Mary Ann Warren; and 111th legislative dist. candidate Jeff Dahlander.



Democrat Chairman Bob McNamara welcomed those attending the annual Democrat Steak Bake, held on Sunday, Sept. 22, at the Harford Fire Hall. The usual large crowd included not only the party faithful but also elected officials of both local political parties and from Wayne and Wyoming Counties including: Wayne County Chair Mark Graziadio; Wyoming County Chair Norm White; and Tunkhannock Mayor Norm Bell.

Former Democrat County Chairmen John Hoffman and Joe Plonski along with former Congressman Chris Carney and former Sheriff Dick Pelicci were on hand for an afternoon of visiting with old friends enjoying the steak bake.

Richard and Patty Zick took on the task of soliciting door prizes and silent auction items which is an activity enjoyed by those attending.

County commissioner Michael Giangrieco, register and recorder Mary Evans, prothonotary Susan Eddleston, and auditor Susan Jennings, rounded out the Susquehanna County elected officials.

Twenty-third District senate candidate Luana Cleveland, 111th District representative candidate Jeffrey Dahlander, and 10th Congressional District candidate Phil Scollo were all given an opportunity to speak.

County Commissioner Mary Ann Warren gave an update on the gas drilling taking place in the county.