Susquehanna boro receives Cabot check



Susquehanna borough council voted at its Sept. 25, meeting to deposit Cabot Oil and Gas’s $6,000 check in Capital Reserve account with allocation to be determined at a later date.

The annual check is in payment for the use of borough property along the Susquehanna River for the purpose of removing water used in Cabot’s gas drilling operation.

Council voted to have police pension funds turned over to Peoples Wealth Management.

The funds had previously been managed by Merrill Lynch which closed the account, making it necessary for council to seek another investor.

A representative of Peoples Neighborhood Bank attended the Sept. 11 meeting with a proposal that met with council’s approval.

Council members Roberta Reddon, Paul Barnes, Joe Varsik and Roy Williams were present at this meeting along with Mayor Bill Perry to hear committee reports.

Mayor Perry gave a police report in the absence of police chief Bob Sweet who was called away from the meeting.

Perry spoke of various budget line items that will be changed and the upcoming improvements to equipment. He congratulated the department on keeping under budget during the past year.

Varsik gave the street report with a rundown of purchases and equipment repairs for the past month. He requested council approve changing hours for street department worker Chad Welch to 8:30 to 3 p.m. which they did at the conclusion of an executive session. Also covered during the executive session were employee performance evaluations.

John Sholtis gave the parks and recreation report and told council the park will be closed down the first week in November. He turned over a check for $256 from the sale of leftover supplies from the concession stand and said it looks like the parks will close in good financial shape.

Codes enforcement officer Mary Weaver told council that property owners do not understand the property maintenance codes making her work difficult. She said that any vacant lot that is overgrown is an invitation for people to use as dumping ground.

Weaver spoke of the Pennsylvania Beautiful program that will require volunteers.

Secretary Diann Robbins reported on Williams Heating work in the furnace room scheduled for Sept. 27-28. Mirabito was awarded the heating oil bid, 900 gallons of fuel oil at $3.69 a gallon.

Robbins also spoke of the Tri-Boro Municipal Authority’s request to have the bill for the alarm system reconsidered since it pays the alarm system bill at the borough garage. This request was granted. The Municipal Authority and the Library occupy space in the borough building.

President Reddon informed council the first budget meeting is Oct. 11.