Around the schools

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge School Board has two new members. Student-athletes Allison Coller and Sawyer Dearborn will be serving as student representatives to the Blue Ridge Board of Education.

In their new role, they will be able to comment on agenda items and provide the board with a student perspective.

Both are dedicated multi-sport athletes who have taken on the extra role to better serve their school community.


Freshman field hockey player Mindy Carlton certainly has many interests and activities beyond the sport.

She was recently chosen to take the lead role in a play put on by the Birchardville Baptist Church. The church will be performing a play titled “Christmas Memories” with Carlton in the role of the granddaughter. Playing the lead role carries many responsibilities but that does not prevent it from being enjoyable.

“We do a lot of plays, maybe two a year; it’s really fun (but) it’s a lot of work,” Carlton said.

Mountain View

In his first season on the cross country team, freshman James McDermott has been having a blast. Plus, he was able to volunteer for the fifth annual D&H Rail-Trail half marathon in September.

“We time the runners at Mile 1, then at the 13-mile mark,” McDermott explained.

McDermott, who also plays baseball and basketball, first got interested in running through his older brother, Joe.


Senior Jagr Briar is a three-year member of the football team who plays nose guard and right tackle.

He also is in his first year as a junior volunteer firefighter with the Thompson Hose Company.

“One of my friends persuaded me to join,” Briar said. “Plus, I live right next to the fire company building and my great grandfather was part of building that company. I’m very proud to be a part of it and help in any way I can.

“All I can do right now is attend to the firefighters who can go inside the buildings. I’ll help hold the hoses. I’ll take part in ambulance rides and help put people into the ambulance. I’m more just getting a feel for everything and getting knowledge and information on how to do stuff.”