Gas industry moves into Harford


The gas industry has moved into Harford Township, and we expect the well drilling and pipeline work to continue for quite some time, said Garry Foltz last Tuesday night (Oct. 9).

“Bluestone Gathering, Price Gregory, Williams… there are people and equipment everywhere. We have had a few minor concerns, and they have been addressed,” Foltz said.

He again cited an emergency public response number given at last month’s meeting, available 24 hours a day: (866) 267-6883.

“Bluestone has really tried to stay in touch with community concerns,” Foltz said. He said that pipelines are being installed along Grinnell and Stevens Roads, and the pipeline is heading in the direction of the Jeffers Farm. The Constitution pipeline is also underway, beginning at Watrous Corners and going north.

Foltz said that for those interested in observing pipeline construction, it is permitted as long as spectators stay out of the construction area. “That equipment is tremendous, but the vehicles have blind spots, and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Two public informational meetings for Bluestone Gathering were held, with very low attendance.

Supervisor Sue Furney presented a plan update on the sewer project. She said that the new conduit was installed and linked to the new control panel.

“Joe can run the valves by touch screen,” Furney said. “They are switching to new blowers. Joe is thrilled, it will make his job a lot easier.”

Foltz gave the road report, noting that the crew is finishing up on Tripp Road and  working on Wilcox road, which had drain pipe coming through the surface. The pipe was dug out and a new one set in place, and that section of road was coated with grindings.

The crew also tackled some huge holes near the cemetery.

Foltz next discussed equipment preparation for early snowfalls.

The Kingsley project on Mills Street is coming along, and it was expected to be finished Wednesday afternoon.

A visitor, Monica Mills, said that residents are very pleased with the repair work done to the road, which was damaged by the hurricanes. This project was paid for with FEMA funds.

The road sign on Nine Partners Road was deliberately struck by a vehicle, then stolen. Foltz said that the Beaver Meadows road sign always disappears as soon as it is put up. Some $2,000 remains in the township sign account.

Foltz said that the DeLucia well pad will be started in December and that the Empet site will be both a drilling pad and tank farm.

Fotz added that the gas company had to do some serious drainage trenching  to take water off  of that pad.

Foltz reported on the loader and backhoe, both of which required service.

Three catch basins were installed at apartment buildings: Liberty, Decker Court, and the Tin Shop.

Trees that blew over into Morrison’s property adjacent to the township property are being taken down.

Foltz has been looking for a means of disposal for the 100 plus tires collected in the township cleanup. The Bluestream representative will look into whether they can accept some for drainage use at pipeline sites. Also, Foltz arranged for the gun club to accept the very large tires to use as backstops for of targets A gun club member who is a township employee, can take them to club to get rid of them, and is permitted to use the township backhoe to maneuver them. Then cleanup should be completed.

As for the Roadmaster, Foltz gave an update on Eric Allen whose leg was crushed while cleaning up trees after a storm.

Foltz said that Allen reports that his leg pain is becoming more intense with therapy, but he is maneuvering without a cane most of time, and his leg brace should be coming off soon.

The auditors requested that all bills payable and checks printed be on a computer.

Furney said she plans to start printing checks on a computer by Jan. 1.

The board is in agreement to file liens on several properties that have already received final notices for sewer delinquencies.

They will address most delinquent accounts again next month. Nine properties are currently under lien, and many have begun to make payments.