EL, Montrose girls 1-2 in District 2-A


Times-Shamrock Writer

DIMOCK – Elk Lake packed a one-two punch Wednesday at the District 2 Girls Cross Country Championships.

At Elk Lake High School, on the 3.1-mile course turned into a soggy, muddy mess by heavy rains over the past several days, Elizabeth Trowbridge passed Elk Lake teammate Jenny VanEtten about ¾ of a mile from the finish line to take the individual title in Class A in 22:11.

VanEtten placed second in 22:20 and their efforts helped the Lady Warriors capture the team championship with 40 points. Montrose was second with 54 points and Susquehanna third with 93.

At the two-mile mark, VanEtten was leading, but her teammate Trowbridge was gaining and eventually passed her.

“I just gave it everything I had,” Trowbridge said. “It was tough (passing a teammate). I tried to encourage her to stay with me.”

VanEtten, though, was content to see her teammate win.

“It’s not really disappointing,” VanEtten said. “I was really starting to feel it in my legs. And she did really good. She came on strong. I’m proud of her.”

When she crossed the finish line, Trowbridge said she thought of her sister Maria, who graduated last year.

“I know she’d be proud of me,” Trowbridge said. “She had a really bad (district) race her senior year.”

Samantha Bennici and Allison Lewis finished third and fourth, respectively, to help Montrose earn the district’s second team berth in Class A.

Ivy Christensen of Susquehanna took an eighth place overall finish at 23:33 to qualify for the state meet, while teammate Mikayla Hargett took ninth at 23:46 to also qualify.

Blue Ridge’s Lauren Whitney took 13th overall with a time of 23:59 to punch her ticket for the state meet.

Team scores: 1-Elk Lake (EL) 40; 2-Montrose (MON) 54; 3-Susquehanna (SUS) 93; 4-Holy Cross (HC) 112; 5-Blue Ridge (BR) 129; 6-Mid Valley (MV) 143; 7-Lackawanna Trail (LT) 146; 8-Riverside (RIV) 215; 9-Wyoming Seminary (SEM) 224; 10-MMI Prep (MMI) 263.

1-Elizabeth Trowbridge (EL), 22:11

2-Jenny VanEtten (EL), 22:20

3-Samantha Bennici (MON), 22:40

4-Allison Lewis (MON), 23:01

5-Kenzie Jones (EL), 23:04

6-Nicole Kobylanski (MV), 23:14

7-Mackenzie Greenfield (HC), 23:23

8-Ivy Christensen (SUS), 23:33

9-Mikayla Hargett (SUS), 23:46

10-Lainey Bedell (EL), 23:49

12-EmmaWasho (MON), 23:54

13-Lauren Whitney (BR), 23:59

14-Angela Russell (MON), 24:06

19-Alyssa Sweeney (SUS), 24:35

20-Casey Purdum (BR), 24:42

22-Courtney Harding (MON), 24:56

23-Kirsten Hollister (EL), 25:02

24-Jessica Plutino-Gilleran (SUS), 25:13

26-Lindsey Rupakus (BR), 23:35

29-Kellie Grosvenor (EL), 25:48

30-Taylor Warner (MON), 26:06

32-Cassy Salsman (EL), 26:55

33-Emily Volk (BR), 27:11

35-Emily Blachek (MON), 27:39

36-Emily Williams (EL), 27:45

37-Melissa Kukowski (SUS), 27:52

42-Charlotte Hall (BR), 28:19

45-Emily Day (SUS), 28:30

47-Donnajo Decker (SUS), 28:52

52-Mashawna Hargett (SUS), 29:17

71-Courtney Chew (EL), 32:17

76-Garbrielle Cina (SUS), 33:47

83-Abigail Day (SUS), 39:39