Susquehanna council hears about street project



Robert Doble, senior consultant for Reilly Associates and Paul Menichello, a project manager for the Pittston, engineering firm attended the Oct. 23 meeting of Susquehanna Borough Council to explain the scope of work necessary for Turnpike Street improvement project.

The proposed project includes drainage, curbs, driveway aprons, new line striping and crosswalks and possible extension of sidewalk toward Susquehanna Community Elementary School.

According to Doble, Reilly Associates will coordinate meetings between the borough and PennDOT; investigate funding sources and potential PennDOT participation; document existing conditions; estimate construction costs as well as other services that will be needed once the council approves the project.

When asked for a time frame for such a project, council was told the initial study will take one month with discussion and approval taking two months. It will take four months for the design and bid process before the project could get off the ground, Doble said. The project will take three months to complete once approval is given.

Doble, who has a long history with the borough when he worked for PennDOT during the building of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, told council that after reviewing the preliminary proposal and feel it is too costly, they can out it on the back burner. This would be a wiser move than getting into an expensive engineering study and then abandon the project, Doble told council.  Council President Roberta Reddon said they were hoping this would be a 2013 project.

Bill Malos from the Pennsylvania American Water Company also attended the meeting to discuss a PAWC project. Malos said they are just about ready to bid the water tower project with bids due back in the middle of November. He said there are two contractors who do this type of work that is expected to take eight months, March to November, 2013. Each tank will hold 680,000 gallons of water, he added. A question of location of the present tank/new tanks, the borough or Oakland Township, was never answered.

Even though this meeting was not conducted as a regular committee meeting, John Sholtiss of the Parks and Recreation Committee attended to ask permission, which was granted by council, to purchase the trees that have been requested by donors for the Ira Reynolds Park. Sholtiss said some of the trees are not available everywhere and if he can find them when visiting wholesale nurseries he will purchase them. The plan for the park calls for 12 trees.

Council made the decision to hold one meeting a month, which will be the third Wednesday of the month starting in January.