County warns of fake assessors


Ask for identification.

That was the warning issued to Susquehanna County residents Nov. 14 by Commissioner Michael Giangrieco.

Giangrieco said that someone is reportedly attempting to enter gain entry into homes in the Franklin Twp. area by passing themselves off as county assessors.

“Everyone who works for the county has identification,” Giangrieco said. When someone comes to your door, “Be aware of who it is,” he advised

Chief Assessor Tom Button said, “We always have id. As a rule, we don’t ask to go inside (a home).” Measurements used for assessment purposes are taken from the outside, he explained.

The commissioner said that there may be more than one person involved.

Cpl. James Kerrick said no reports by residents have been filed with State Police, Gibson, as of Thursday morning but he was made aware of the matter by Sheriff Lance Benedict.

Giangrieco also said that several magnetic stickers from county vehicles are also missing. At first, he said, it was thought that perhaps the magnets fell off while traveling on some of the area’s dirt roads.

“Now, we’re not so sure it’s as innocent,” he said.