Deer season opening Monday


Deer hunting is a past time enjoyed by generations of residents in our area, and the tradition will continue as white-tail deer season opens on Monday, Nov. 26.

Hunters will awake in the early hours of the morning to scour the woods for a trophy white-tail buck.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officer Vic Rosa, who patrols Wyoming and parts of Susquehanna County, said he expects a solid population of deer available to hunt in the region.

“There are reports of many big deer running around,” Rosa said. “It should be a great year for large antlered deer.”

However, he notes because deer season comes after most farmers have harvested their corn crops, success for hunters will depend on where the deer travel to find food.

“The success of hunters really is food dependent,” Rosa said. “Just because deer are hanging out in a certain spot now, doesn’t mean they’ll be there when the season starts.”

This year, the deer season in Wildlife Management Units 3B (parts of Wyoming County) and 3C (Susquehanna County and parts of Wyoming County) will be antlered deer only from Nov. 26 until Nov. 30, then from Dec. 1 to Dec. 8, hunters can harvest antlered or antlerless deer.

There will also be a statewide antlered or antlerless flintlock rifle season from Dec. 26 to Jan. 12. One deer per hunting license year.

Rosa said that this new format is based partially on antlerless deer population and partially on hunter satisfaction.

“The deer management program the game commission has is designed to change with the population,” Rosa said. “But, it also has to do with hunter satisfaction. We delay the antlerless deer season so that more deer will be walking around.”

He said although there is a smaller window to harvest those antlerless deer, it leads to a bigger population to choose from.

As for finding those trophy deer, Rosa said that good hunters should already be out scouting their locations.

He encourages those who do not have a place to hunt, to knock on farmers’ doors, as many of them find deer to be a nuisance.

On the Game Commission’s website, hunters can search for the Cooperative Farm-Game program, where local farmers sign up to let hunters use their land to rid their farms of deer.

Rosa also noted that hunters use caution when hunting, and make sure to positively identify their target before pulling the trigger.

“Every time I have a shooting incident during hunting season, it is always because a person did not positively identify their target,” Rosa said. “I urge people to use caution.”

Another tip that Rosa offered was to have hunters get to know the area in which they hunt prior to the season, even if it’s somewhere they’ve already been.

He also encouraged hunters to continually check their equipment to make sure their rifles are in working order.

Rosa also said that it is good for hunters to go into the woods in groups.

And when going into the woods, Rosa reminds that 250 square inches of visible orange must be worn at all times during the season.