Around the schools


Senior varsity basketball player Sam Dixon is doing her part to put her school in the holiday spirit.

As part of a continuing tradition, Dixon, along with a few other art students, painted the glass door in the main entrance of the school with a variety of festive scenes.

“Principal Tal (Jim Tallarico) asked us if we would like to paint the school windows for the holidays and of course I said yes,” Dixon said.

Dixon is proud of her work and the effect it has on the school.

“It makes our school show that we have holiday spirit,” Dixon said.

When Dixon is not painting, she is practicing for her starting position on the basketball team, where she plays point guard and shooting guard.


During the school’s recent production of “M*A*S*H,” senior basketball cheerleader Lindsey Glidden played the part of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, the rigid, by-the-book, career Army head nurse.

“The character was very different for me,” Glidden said. “Last year, we did ‘South Pacific’ and I was Nellie Forbush. That was a big change going from her to Margaret Houlihan. But it was very fun.”

Actually, the role was perfect for Glidden since she plans to become a physician assistant. She has been accepted into the pre-physician assistant programs at Lock Haven University, Misericordia University, King’s College and Marywood University. She intends to attend Misericordia.

Also, on Saturday, Glidden learned that she passed her first responder certification course.

“Since I’m interested in become a physician assistant, I thought I would get some experience volunteering at the local fire company by going out on ambulance calls,” Glidden said. “I took the course over the last few months. Then we had to take a written test and do a practical where we had to perform certain skills in front of the officials.”

Glidden studied dance for 12 years and takes gymnastics for the tumbling that is involved in cheerleading.

A member of the National Honor Society, she also recently participated in County Chorus and enjoys skiing and snowmobiling.