EL has received $1.7 M in gas revenues


The November royalty payment received by the Elk Lake School District was the highest gas royalty payment from Cabot Oil & Gas in 2-012, according to a chart released to the public at the Dec. 6 school board meeting.

The November check, while not as high as royalties received in months of 2010 or 2011, still amounted to $26,712.26.

This year, the first payment on July 25 was $25,108.99, and the payment dropped by about $2,000 per month until November, when the district began to receive royalties from neighboring gas wells in the same unit.

In the first year of royalty payments, which amounted to four months beginning on June 25 of 2010, the district received $246,688.41. The signing check, dated April 4, 2008, was for $134,875.

The second year, the district received $729,355.15 in total for 12 months of royalty payments, beginning July 23, 2010 through June 24, 2011.

The third year, July 25, 2011 through June 25, 2012, the district received $459,941.46.

In total, the district has received $1,686,272.42 in gas revenue since the school property was leased for gas well exploitation.

Other items brought up at the board meeting not previously reported (see also Dec. 12 story) were change orders, additions and alterations that were approved by the school board for the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center’s esxpansion project.

One change order, from contractor Mar-Paul Company Inc., was approved by the board for $278,431, an addition bringing the total amount paid to the Mar-Paul Company to $4,035,431.

Another change order for an additional $60,502.71 was approved for Bognet, Inc. for the SCCTC expansion project, bringing their total earned to $319,18871.

Another change order was approved for the roof project, replacing a ten year old roof. The contactor, Leber & Bonham, has worked for the district before on the career center roof.

Three coaches were approved: Kevin Tewksbury, for boys elementary basketball; Darren Frazier, wrestling; and Derek Noldy, junior high wrestling.

A list of lifeguards was approved for the Elk Lake pool. Level One (student) lifeguards, paid $7.25 per hour plus costs reimbursed after six months, include: Taylor Watkins, Rebecca Phillips, Brook Seamans, and Rachel Grovener. Level Two lifeguards, paid $7.50 per hour with costs reimbursed and/or satisfactory attendance, include Sonya Griffiths and Molly Mattes.

Level two (student) lifeguards with Water Safety Instructor certification at $8.25 per hour as per Marion Austin’s recommendation: Kirstin Hollister and Katie VanEtten.

Adult Lifeguards with W.S.I., paid at $11 per hour: Patsy Gesford, Marion Anderson, and Sandy Rinker.

Adult lifeguard substitutes at $8.25 per hour: Steve Andre, Sean Carney, Carol Selwood and Jerry Washo. Adult lifeguard substitutes with W.S.I. included: Shannon Agredo, Matt Cuomo, Nick Hollister, Chelsea Karabin, Adam Phillips, Jessica Sekely, Caroline Teetsel, Cassie Van Etten, and Lydia Watkins.

The lifeguard training course now costs $225, and can be reimbursed by the school district after six months of satisfactory attendance. The water safety instructor certification course is a Red Cross course costing $150, with no reimbursement.