Elk Lake holding lock down drills


Elk Lake School District has been conducting lock-down drills at their school buildings about one time per month, and most recently had a lock-in exercise at the elementary school building on Tuesday, Dec. 11, just three days before the disastrous shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

The drill was conducted shortly after the students arrived on Tuesday morning, and parents or visitors were met at the doors and not permitted to enter the building after 8:15 a.m., said Charles Pirone, elementary school principal.

Monday, the first school day after the tragedy, a police car was parked next to the elementary school, and the side doors were locked, so that students being dropped off had enter the building through the front doors, where the principal and school Superintendent William Bush were waiting to greet them.

The morning announcements greeted them, as usual, and faculty and staff assured the children of their safety at school. Students followed their regular schedule, but were locked into the classrooms while staff and faculty followed emergency procedures.

Bush noted Tuesday morning, “We have been doing lock-down drills, and practice is always a good thing.”

He also said, “The students seemed fine Monday, but we did receive a number of phone calls from parents with concerns. We had a state police presence there Monday morning and today, as an increased security measure…the police walked around the grounds outside the school buildings.”