Man sentenced in 23 burglaries


The man who burglarized over 20 Susquehanna County homes between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day was sentenced will spend the next 51 months to 20 years in prison.

Keith Canfield, 42, Montrose, was sentenced by President Judge Kenneth Seamans on 23 burglary counts Thursday morning. The sentences will all run concurrent.

Canfield admitted that he, along with Daniela Hollister, stole items from homes, then sold those items in order to get money to purchase heroin.

Of the cases, 20 were graded as first degree felonies. Canfield was sentenced to serve the 51 months to 20 years on all of those counts.

Three cases were graded as second degree burglaries. On each of those, Canfield was sentenced to serve 39 months to 10 years.

On the second degree felonies, he also received a consecutive, 10-year probation tail in each case.

District Attorney Jason Legg said Canfield will be 72 years of age by the time he is off supervision.

But before Canfield can begin serving the sentence, he must finish out the remaining time on a probation violation on a previous burglary conviction, estimated at close to two years.

At the plea hearing, held in November, Legg noted that after Canfield was apprehended in the Jan. 1 burglary of a Harford Twp. residence, he cooperated with state police identifying 22 other residences and detached garages that he, along with co-defendant Daniela Hollister, burglarized.

It was Canfield’s cooperation that helped state police investigators close a large number of cases, Legg said, and also led to the large number of charges lodged against him.

According to court records, Canfield told police Hollister had received money after her Meshoppen home had been flooded which she spent but then started to experience pain from withdrawal from using heroin.

The records suggest that Hollister accompanied Canfield to almost every location that was burglarized, sometimes staying in a truck and sometimes going into the houses.

The burglaries occurred in Harford, Herrick, Gibson, Lenox and Jackson townships.

In Gibson Township, burglaries occurred at residences on Helen’s Road, Powell Road, Maple Lane, Frank Road, Cat Street, Konsur Road and Stone House Road.

Incidents in Harford Twp. occurred on Oliver Road, Richardson Road, Osborne Road, Wilcox Road and Tyler Lake Road.

Items were also taken from Lenox Twp. residences on Bennett Road, Chicken Coop Road and Forest Street.

Burglaries were also committed in Herrick Twp. on East Mountain Road; and in Jackson Twp. on Stearns Lake Road.

According to court documents, police estimated the total value for the items taken at nearly $18,000.

Earlier this year, Hollister pleaded guilty to her role in the burglaries. She was enrolled in the State Intermediate Punishment program, utilized for offenders who were motivated by a drug addiction to commit the crimes, has no past violent history, the current offense is not a crime of violence, and the defendant has no mental health issues that would preclude successful participation in the program, Legg said.

In a letter to the editor submitted in August to the Susquehanna County Independent, Canfield issued a public apology to the burglary victims.