Warriors sunk by Tigers

Elk Lake’s Brad Grosvenor swims the backstroke in the 200 IM on Tuesday on his way to second place behind Tunkhannock’s Ben Spencer. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

The Elk Lake boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams faced losses from Tunkhannock Area on the road on Tuesday.

The Warrior boys faced a 108-60 loss, while the Lady Warriors perished 120-61.

Brad Grosvenor had two wins to lead the Warriors.

Tunkhannock girls 120, Elk Lake 61

200 Medley Relay: Tunkhannock (Simmons, A. Kasmierski, Chesner, Schultz) 2:14.35, Elk Lake, Tunkhannock. 200 Free: Morgan Manglaviti (TUN) 2:05.87, Kuffa (TUN), Bedell (EL). 200 IM: Cheyanne Kasmierski (TUN) 2:39.98, Chilson (TUN), Karpov (EL). 50 Free: Elissa Stretch (TUN) :27.87, Sisson (EL), VanEtten (EL). Diving: Katie Kolodzieski (TUN) 131.80, Schultz (TUN), Phillips (EL). 100 Fly: Kandis Venn (TUN) 1:04.91, VanEtten (EL), Chesner (TUN). 100 Free: Morgan Manglaviti (TUN) :56.71, C. Kasmierski (TUN), Sisson (EL). 500 Free: Elissa Stretch (TUN) 6:17.24, Griffiths (EL), Riley (EL). 200 Free Relay: Tunkhannock (Stretch, C. Kasmierski, Venn, Manglaviti) 1:49.44, Elk Lake, Tunkhannock. 100 Back: Kandis Venn (TUN) 1:05.48, Schultz (TUN), Bedell (EL). 100 Breast: Ashley Kasmierski (TUN) 1:13.93, Simmons (TUN), Everitt (EL). 400 Free Relay: Tunkhannock (Kuffa, Frost, Sholes, Schultz) 4:05.98, Elk Lake, Elk Lake.

Tunkhannock boys 108, Elk Lake 60

200 Medley Relay: Tunkhannock (Linden, Sehne, Breen, Skoronski) 1:52.55, Elk Lake, Tunkhannock. 200 Free: James Proulx (TUN) 1:59.49, Malloy (EL), J. Spencer (TUN). 200 IM: Ben Spencer (TUN) 2:02.89, Grosvenor (EL), Dunning (TUN). 50 Free: Joe Moffitt (TUN) :24.64, Manzek (EL), Skoronski (TUN). Diving:

Elk Lake’s Olivia Everitt swims the breaststroke in the 200 medley relay. She helped her team take second in the event. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

Stefen Sehen (TUN) 132.25, Myer (EL). 100 Fly: Brad Grosvenor (EL) 1:04.45, Breen (TUN), Dunning (TUN). 100 Free: Joe Moffitt (TUN) :54.89, Linden (TUN), Skoronski (TUN). 500 Free: Ben Spencer (TUN) 5:12.43, Malloy (EL), Breen (TUN). 200 Free Relay: Elk Lake (Carney, Grosvenor, Malloy, Manzek) 1:40.05, Tunkhannock, Tunkhannock. 100 Back: Jason Linden (TUN) 1:03.12, Proulx (TUN), Hemme (TUN). 100 Breast: Matt Miller (TUN) 1:10.20, Hamernick (EL), J. Spencer (TUN). 400 Free Relay: Tunkhannock (Proulx, Moffitt, B. Spencer, Miller) 3:32.64, Elk Lake.