Fireworks plan denied on mapping issues


The Susquehanna County Planning Commission rejected a plan Tuesday, Jan. 29, that had been submitted for a proposed fireworks outlet in Choconut Twp., citing six mapping issues.

Planning Director Robert Templeton said the commission noted six items that were missing on the map for the proposed K.C. Small commercial development that are required by the county’s ordinance.

The plan for the store can be resubmitted after the deficiencies are corrected.

The commission issued final approval to the Acre Lake Vet Hospital in Lenox Twp.

Conditional preliminary approval was granted to Trehab for the Meadows at Tiffany Pines proposed housing development project in Bridgewater Twp. Before receiving a final approval, the commission must receive the municipal report from Bridgewater Twp.; and Trehab must provide proof the water company will be serving the property.

The commission also reorganized with Frank Kwader selected as the Chairman; John Butler as the Vice Chairman; and Nancy Harvatine as the Secretary.