Local DJ big on customer service

Joe Donovan heads up Keystone Jukebox DJ services. STAFF PHOTO/MATT VINE


An area person who works on building fences during the day is also a DJ at night.

Joe Donovan, 45 of West Auburn, is a fencing contractor for Meshoppen Stone during the day, but at night, he heads up Keystone Jukebox DJ services.

Donovan has been the owner of the DJ services for 11 years.

“I am here for the customer,” Donovan said. “I have about 40,000 songs currently which anyone could enjoy.”

Donovan said that how he got into being a DJ was from his father DJ Joe who was a radio DJ in the area for 17 years. He always had been a fan of music since he was young.

“Being a DJ was just a hobby of mine,” Donovan said. “I used to play music for family and friends. Most of the music I enjoy listening to is a mixture from country to contemporary.”

Donovan’s first professional gig as a DJ was in 2002 when he was DJ at the County Seat Tavern, in Montrose.

“At first, I was nervous. I didn’t know how the public was going to react to the music I played,” Donovan said. “I had to find out what the crowd liked.”

What Donovan learned that year was that when the customers have a great time, the DJ does as well.

“Today I am not just doing this as a business, but it’s more of a social gathering,” Donovan said.

Some of his social gatherings take his company outside the area to every Pocono race in Long Pond.

“I always enjoy throwing parties for the public during the races every year,” Donovan said. “You never know who you are going to meet.”

His services can cater any size gathering. From a small dive bar to a wedding, Donovan can provide any type of playlist for any age group.

His prices range from $225 for a 4-hour party or for a 5-hour wedding party for $600.

A lot of the equipment that Donovan uses is all digital equipment.

“With most of my music stored on a computer, I don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of items,” Donovan said. “Most of the time, I have to carry in all the amps and speakers. It takes about a good hour for everything to be set up right.”

How does Donovan gets ready for a wedding?

First, he speaks to a couple about the location and then he finds out what type of music that both sides would like.

“It’s all about meeting the customer’s specifications,” Donovan said.

For more information, call Donovan at 240-7823. Also visit the website at http://keystonejukebox.com/index.html