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Whether it is singing, dancing, magic or even beat-boxing, the high school talent show will be showcasing all of these feats.

Seniors Katie Neureuter and Mary Kate Robinson are holding Montrose’s second annual talent show for their senior project.

Both Neureuter and Robinson have worked hard to schedule time to organize the talent show around their commitment as wrestling cheerleaders, as well as other activities and schoolwork.

They have had to schedule rehearsal time in the auditorium and practiced speaking in front of the audience.

“When I go to college I plan on acting and constantly being on stage,” Robinson said. “I feel more comfortable on stage, so this was a great way to do my senior project.”

So far, 28 acts have signed up. The acts will get to prove themselves in front of the school and will be judged by several teachers on Feb. 22.

The top three finishers will receive a gift card from a local business.


Junior Nate Carpenter recently had his basketball season come to an end when he suffered a knee injury in a game against Old Forge.

“I tore my ACL,” Carpenter said. “I went up for a rebound, landed on my left leg and it popped out.

“It’s real heartbreaking. I was planning on going out for volleyball in the spring, but that’s out. And if I have surgery, I might miss out on my senior year.”

Before he got hurt, Carpenter and teammate Cody Towers coordinated the team’s fundraising effort for the annual Coaches vs. Cancer drive. The pair sold T-shirts and bracelets during lunch periods and went around to classrooms soliciting donations.

“I’ve had a couple family members affected by it,” Carpenter said. “But I also did it because it helped out the basketball team and helped toward my senior project.

“It was real cool to see it all come together and see all the teams wear pink. And it was nice to see the community come out and support us.”