Trehab fuel program gets Act 13 boost from county


Some of Susquehanna County’s Act 13 monies being diverted to Trehab to bolster its fuel assistance program.

In a 2-1 vote at the Feb. 13 meeting, the commissioners granted a request for $35,000 from the agency to be used for rental and utility assistance.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco voted against the measure; with “aye” votes from Commissioners Alan Hall and MaryAnn Warren carrying the motion.

Hall said the funds would be used to help Trehab cover its shortage of funds available its fuel assistance program.

Warren was authorized to act on behalf of the county to apply for the transportation funds available through the state’s dotGrant program.

Susquehanna County Transportation is administered by Trehab and funded through the dotGrant program. The pass-through funds are used to cover the operational costs of the county transportation, the commissioners reported.

Over $600,000 of unpaid 2012 county taxes were handed over to the county’s Tax Claim Bureau for collection in late January.

Municipal tax collectors were exonerated by the Commissioners from collecting the 2012 county delinquent taxes, per the recommendation of County Tax Claim Director Catherine Benedict.

The county will also be offering some of its unused, broken and obsolete equipment and materials for sale. If the items are not sold, they will be scrapped. A list of items to be disposed of was not available at the meeting.

Although the commissioners voted to study the possible privatization of the recycling center, they also authorized the purchase of SMS Turbo software for the facility at a cost of $3,985.

The county also accepted the proposal by MCM Consulting Group Inc., of McMurray, to study the available options for a 9-1-1 center consolidation.

Hall said that with mandated upgrades and changes on the way, the county’s 9-1-1 center will be outdated in two years.

“The study is to tell us what should be done,” Hall said.

Changes to county staffing were also addressed by the commissioners.

Constance Hitchcock, Montrose, was hired as the Deputy Chief Clerk, per the recommendation of Chief Clerk Sylvia Beamer, at a salary of $32,500 per year with a minimum 40-hour work week.

The transfer of Amanda Wilston, effective Feb. 11, from the Deputy Chief Clerk position to the position of Assistant Director of Elections/Assistant Voter Registrar was approved.

The commissioners also acknowledged the transfer of Michele Hinds from a part-time position in the prothonotary’s office to the full-time Clerk of Courts, second deputy position, effective Feb. 25.

The commissioners also noted the acceptance by Sheriff Lance Benedict of the resignation by Nathaniel Williams from a deputy sheriff position, effective March 1.

The resignation of Rebecca White by District Judge Jeffrey Hollister, effective Jan. 29, was acknowledged by the commissioners.