Warriors top ‘Paupack

The Elk Lake boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams picked up victories at home over Wallenpaupack on Tuesday evening.

In the boys’ 77-74 win, the Warriors trailed by one entering the final event and posted a victory in the 400 free relay to pick up the win.

The winning boys’ 400 free relay team is comprised of Matt Sterner, Alex Manzek, Brad Grosvenor and Codie Malloy.

In the girls’ 91-84 victory, Leah Ofalt won the 50 free and was part of the winning 400 free relay team for the Lady Warriors.

Elk Lake boys 77, Wallenpaupack 74

200 Medley Relay: Wallenpaupack (K. Usbeck, Keane, E. Usbeck, Denniston) 1:50.51, Wallenpaupack, Elk Lake. 200 Free: Codie Malloy (EL) 2:02.71, Denniston (WAL), Sterner (EL). 200 IM: Kyle Usbeck (WAL) 2:23.63, Grosvenor (EL), Hamernick (EL). 50 Free: Alex Manzek (EL) :24.03, Osborne (WAL), Carney (EL). Diving: Zach Myer (EL) 121.55. 100 Fly: Brad Grosvenor (EL) 1:03.71, Punger (WAL). 100 Free: Eric Usbeck (WAL) :51.16, Denniston (WAL), Manzek (EL). 500 Free: Chase Osborne (WAL) 6:30.45, Carney (EL), Orlandini (EL). 200 Free Relay: Elk Lake (Carney, Manzek, Grosvenor, Malloy) 1:37.59, Wallenpaupack. 100 Back: Kyle Usbeck (WAL) 1:06.32, Malloy (EL), Orlandini (EL). 100 Breast: Eric Usbeck (WAL) 1:07.83, Keane (WAL), Hamernick (EL). 400 Free Relay: Elk Lake (Sterner, Manzek, Grosvenor, Malloy) 3:45.16, Wallenpaupack.

Elk Lake girls 91, Wallenpaupack 84

200 Medley Relay: Wallenpaupack (K. Vanderhoof, Lutfy, B. Vanderhoof, Hawkins) 2:10.76, Elk Lake, Elk Lake. 200 Free: Kaela Vanderhoof (WAL) 2:17.67, Riley (EL), VanEtten (EL). 200 IM: Katherine Lutfy (WAL) 2:36.52, Sisson (EL), Karpov (EL). 50 Free: Leah Ofalt (EL) :28.98, Hawkins (WAL), Everitt (EL). Diving: Rebecca Phillips (EL) 157.00, Amorino (EL). 100 Fly: Baileigh Vanderhoof (WAL) 1:06.92, Sisson (EL), Grosvenor (EL). 100 Free: Katherine Lutfy (WAL) 1:03.54, Ofalt (EL), Bedell (EL). 500 Free: Sadie Hawkins (WAL) 6:22.02, Hehir (WAL), Griffiths (EL). 200 Free Relay: Wallenpaupack (Hehir, Lutfy, K. Vanderhoof, B. Vanderhoof) 1:55.40, Elk Lake, Elk Lake. 100 Back: Kaela Vanderhoof (WAL) 1:14.36, Bedell (EL), Karpov (EL). 100 Breast: Baileigh Vanderhoof (WAL) 1:25.22, Everitt (EL), Hehir (WAL). 400 Free Relay: Elk Lake (Griffiths, Ofalt, Everitt, Bedell) 4:31.08, Wallenpaupack, Elk Lake.