Democrats hear from Lt. Gov. candidate


At the recent Susquehanna County Democrats Breakfast, seated from left, are County Commissioner Maryann Warren; Lt. Gov. candidate Mark Smith; and state committee Nancy Hurley. Standing are Rick Ainey, former County Chairman Joe Plonski and Tom Charles.

Susquehanna County Democrats held their annual breakfast at the Montrose VFW on Saturday, Feb. 23, with Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith being the Keynote speaker as he has recently announced his intention to run for lieutenant governor in 2014.
Smith and Susquehanna County Commissioner Maryann Warren became acquainted when the two commissioners were giving testimony regarding the Marcellus Shale before the State Senate.
Smith is pushing for someone from Susquehanna, Bradford or Tioga to be a member of the Marcellus Shale Commission as there is no representation at the present time.
“We in the northeast do not have a lot of representation in Harrisburg but with your help we can move Pennsylvania in a new direction,” Smith said.
He spoke of the need to fix the problems with education in Pennsylvania; invest in roads and other transportation issues.
“Any industry looking to locate here looks to transportation as a factor in their decision to come to Pennsylvania, especially the northeast,” he said, adding that he would be looking for petition support in 2014.
Smith presently serves on the Endless Mountain Visitors Bureau, the Bradford/Sullivan American Red Cross, Partners and Family Community Development Board and the Bradford County Tourism Committee.
Jeff Dahlander, an unsuccessful candidate for state representative in 2012, thanked everyone for past support. He reviewed his experience at running for state office and described it as “rewarding.” He urged others to come forward in 2014 and challenge Republican candidates for all state offices.
In the absence of Susquehanna County Chairman Bob McNamara and Vice Chairman Christine Sezer, Warren was the master of ceremonies and introduced secretary Tom Charles; treasurer Rick Ainey; State committee person Nancy Hurley; former County Chairmen John Hoffman and Joe Plonski as well as those attending from the various county municipalities.
Charles introduced the Jefferson Club raffle that will benefit the Democrat Scholarship. Tickets at $20 are available for anyone wishing to invest in education, Charles said.
Warren talked about the county’s recycling center and the fact it is not getting the numbers to make it self-paying. She said one problem is the lack of space to store the recyclables until the price is right. Another problem is haulers taking recyclables to other facilities closer to their businesses. She mentioned privatizing the operation has been considered.
Several attending the breakfast said they were not in favor of this option.