SCCTC board updates technology


The Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center board discussed the use of the BoardDocs program during its meeting Thursday.
As part of an effort to improve the board members’ use of technology, a committee was formed earlier this year, and both of the school boards for the SCCTC and for the Elk Lake School District have been looking into updating the board’s use of available technology.
The BoardDocs program may be a solution, and the committee members want to see an online demonstration video or get more information about the program. It could store all of the documentation necessary for school board members and make it easy to access. This would eliminate the thick stacks of papers or binders usually awaiting the school board members as they take their seat at a meeting, and would simplify the updating of records.
Board President Anne Teel said this should aid the board in running efficient meetings, and would eliminate some of the waste paper as well.
A proposed 2013-14 calendar was reviewed and approved.
It was noted that a Pennsylvania school board legislation meeting is available for the board members to attend, to be held Mar. 26 at Blue Ridge School District at 7 p.m.
A substitute list was approved by the board. Support staff salaries and contracts were also approved, with Donica McGee abstaining from the vote.
Jeannie Rogers was introduced as the assistant school board secretary. She will fill in for Kimberly Hollister when she is not available for meetings.
The board approved an energy contract for the new SCCTC building only, with Washington Gas Energy, at a rate of 5.99 cents per kilowatt hour for electric service. The center is still locked into a contract with Allegheny for 6.38 cents, until May 2015.
A financial conflict of interest policy was reviewed for the employees of the SCCTC, which Mansfield University is requiring for its partner programs to sign.
The policy concerns conflict of interests and potential conflict of interests for research or sponsored programs. It states that no such program at the SCCTC shall be adversely affected by the financial interests of the personnel carrying out the research or program. For example, employees who are making purchase orders or subcontracts must not use preferential treatment or seek an improper gain or advantage to the employee, the individual’s family or business contacts. Also, there may be a conflict of interest if the employee’s actions have a detrimental effect on the SCCTC’s interests.
Employees participating in sponsored projects must therefore disclose any external affiliations that may constitute a financial conflict of interest before the acceptance of the sponsored project.
SCCTC director Alice Davis updated the board by letter on the application status for the Open Way Nursing Workforce Diversity Program Grant. The application was transmitted on Mar. 5 to the Health Resources and Services Administration, for funding of the SCCTC Opportunity Program for educating nurses.
The amount of the workforce advancement grant is $1,045,197 to be distributed over three years. “This is a very competitive grant and the SCCTC grant team has worked diligently to achieve a positive outcome,” said Davis. “We are very optimistic that we will be successfully awarded the amount requested, and look forward to the growth this award will mean to our developing nursing program.”
Davis was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting.