Locals qualify for archery nationals

More than 800 students from 30 schools competed on March 8 at the 2013 National Archery in the Schools Program State Tournament run by the Pennsylvania Game Commission at the Penn State Multi-Sport Facility.
The event was the largest event to date and offered shooting opportunities for students to compete for top honors in many categories.
The top schools in each of the three divisions – elementary, middle school and high school – automatically qualified for the national championships in Louisville, Kentucky May 10-11.
The middle school division champion (grades seventh through eighth) was Montrose Middle School.
Among the teams that meet minimum qualifying scores for their respective divisions also are eligible to attend the national shoot are Blue Ridge High School and Montrose High School Team.
The 50 students who placed first through fifth in the male and female individual categories for each grade level of the three divisions also have qualified for the national competition.
Competition offers an exciting component to students participating in NASP. Throughout the Commonwealth, interest in archery and bow hunting has experienced exponential growth and a portion of this success could be attributed to NASP. To encourage archers to continue shooting, the Game Commission coordinated a “Shooter’s Expo” to coincide with the tournament so that after they finished shooting, students could visit the Expo and learn about other opportunities available in archery through hunting and competitive leagues. Exhibitors included United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development, Penn State’s Archery team and much more. Two event sponsors, Lancaster Archery and Cabela’s, also had booths to meet with students and promote continued participation in the sport.
“NASP provides an essential opportunity to teach students to shoot archery,” said Samantha Pedder, Pennsylvania NASP coordinator and Game Commission outreach coordinator. “It is up to the Game Commission to help these students find other archery opportunities through bow hunting and competitive shooting. Our Shooter’s Expo is one way to show students what other opportunities are available to them.”
In mid-2010, the Game Commission began coordinating Pennsylvania’s NASP, which helps school districts in Pennsylvania meet physical education curriculum requirements of the state Department of Education, while at the same time introducing them to the world of competitive archery. Last year, about 500 students from nearly two dozen school districts participated in the state competition. Studies conducted by the national NASP organization demonstrate that NASP is a great introduction to the sport of archery, and that many students choose to pursue the sport outside of school.
For a complete list of team and individual results, go to www.nasptournaments.org, scroll down and click on “2013 Pennsylvania NASP State Tournament.”
Top ten finishers from each of the participating local schools were:
Middle School: 2-John Giangrieco (282), 2-Madelynn Guinane (269), 3-Maverick Naylor (281), 4-Andrew Fedish (274), 11-Eric Shearing (261), 13-Nikolas Hendrickson (258), 14-Kayla Eshbaugh (246), 16-Brianna Baker (243), 16-Zachary Gardner (254), 17-Emily Hare (242).
High School: 1-Nick Myers (288), 2-Kassidi Ramirez (284), 3-Justin Loomis (280), 5-Katie Warner (277), 12-Korey Stimmel (273), 19-Ben Hayes (270), 24-Austin Smith (267), 27-Alexie Callaway (255), 34-Julia Amorino (253), 40-McCade Callaway (260).
Choconut Valley Elementary: 5-Angela Ford (246), 10-Kaled Hayes (247), 11-Mercedes Strohl (233), 12-Grace Steele (231), 13-Ryleigh Naylor (242), 26-Jordan Russell (215), 28-Abigail Jennings (214), 30-Cierra Demarest (213), 32-Brayden Timms (228), 35-Maverick Beeman (226).
Lathrop Street Elementary: 2-Riley Millard (256), 3-Zachary Oleniacz (260), 4-Jasmine Slater (255), 5-Ethan Hitchcock (256), 7-Justin Birtch (249), 8-Bridget Bendock (237), 11-Hunter Cady (246), 21-Theodore Lubash (236), 21-Margo McVaugh (219), 23-Kathryn Lathrop (219).
High School: 6-Ryan Rogers (278), 9-Kim Klim (272), 18-Leeann Forthman (264), 32-Marc Stanton (263), 35-Cassie Brown (252), 36-Brett Hepler (262), 37-Mary Mangel (251), 40-Allison Coller (249), 43-Trey Hillard (259), 49-Quinton Millard (256).
Middle School: 13-Briana Calla (247), 18-Logan Burdick (252), 28-Isabella Cosmello (231), 31-Brooke Marvin (228), 37-Jake Decker (235), 42-Danielle Goff (206), 43-Paige MacConnell (216), 48-Corbin French (228), 61-Abbie Hartman (202), 78-Justin Vogel (207).