Local couple falls prey to computer scammers


Susquehanna County detectives reported last week that a local couple had been targeted as part of a computer scam.
The couple received a telephone call from a person who gave his name as “Peter Henry 981.” The caller, according to detectives, reportedly spoke with a foreign accent.
The caller stated he worked for Microsoft Windows and that the company’s name was Global Support LLC of Mount Vernon.
The caller told the couple that he had noticed they were having a problem with their computer system and had several viruses.
He then instructed them to log onto a website. As soon as they logged on, the caller was able to access control of their computer.
The caller telephoned the victims several times, asking questions about the number of computers they owned and what they used the computer for.
The victims became suspicious and when they refused to answer his questions, he told them, “If you don’t talk to me, I will lock your computer” – which he did.
The couple called their internet service provider, as well as the computer company – both told them they would not have had anyone contact them.
The computer company worked with the couple to delete the information on the computer.
Financial agencies, credit card companies and other contacts were advised that the couple’s computer had been hacked.
The number the caller used was 661-748-0240 – a default Skype number used for unregistered accounts.
This scam has been going on in similar guises since 2009, according to Snopes.com.
Snopes reports that Microsoft does not contact people to tell them there is something wrong with a computer and so if you receive a telephone call or email suggesting that, you should dismiss it as fraud.