Harford appoints roadmaster


The Harford Twp. supervisors appointed a new roadmaster at their meeting Tuesday, Mar. 12, after accepting the resignation Eric Allen, who had accepted another position.
Allen was hurt on the job cleaning up fallen trees last year, when a tree pinned him to the ground causing multiple injuries.
Since then, he has been waiting for doctor approval to return to work, and Jim Phelps has been acting in his stead. After accepting Allen’s resignation with regret and wishing him well, the supervisors voted to appoint Phelps to the roadmaster position.
Phelps is a former state Department of Transportation employee. Supervisors Garry Foltz and Sue Furney voted to appoint Phelps, with supervisor Doug Phelps abstaining.
A list of part-time substitutes was approved for the road crew: Hal Adams, Carl Colwell, Jerry Yushinsky, and Matt Damiano.
Francine Shea, Mountain View superintendent, sent a letter to the supervisors asking them for a donation to help fund a school resource officer.
“We are in trying times,” she wrote.
Shea requested the township’s help in funding an SRO, which she said would cost approximately $100,000 per year. She said that she is requesting that municipalities within the Mountain View district each contribute $12,500 toward the cost of hiring an officer for security patrols and other functions for the district.
Shea also requested a sign commemorating the Mountain View boy’s soccer team becoming the PIAA champions, and that the sign be erected somewhere in the township.
Foltz read the two letters from Shea, noting that the requests seemed “vague,” and mentioning a meeting that the superintendent had with local township supervisors several months ago. He seemed to think another meeting of the sort might be a good idea, so the township could find out if neighboring townships are choosing to participate.
An ordinance for the township concerning the National Flood Insurance program was also discussed, as property owners will have difficulty getting flood insurance or processing claims for damage after a flood, if the township does not comply.
The supervisors approved Township Ordinance 47 for national flood insurance, and reviewed the guidelines and regulations for this program. The chair (Foltz) is responsible for dealing with flood insurance issues, and for residents who plan to construct or repair homes on property within a flood plain area.
They also discussed the Susquehanna County hazard mitigation plan, which was adopted on Nov. 28, 2012, by the county commissioners. The township’ adopted it as Ordinance 1-13.
Driveway permits were approved for Sam Phillips on Wilcox Road.
A noise waiver requested by Cabot Oil & Gas was discussed for a pad on Upper Podunk Road, from April 2013 to April 2014. Foltz said that the supervisors normally grant noise ordinance waivers for six months, and not for one year or more.
“I’m not in favor,” Foltz said.
A subdivision was approved for the Karakash & Harford Township property that was formerly the water association for the township. Once the deed is obtained, the 1.38 property can be leased for natural gas. The parcel of land contains a well and pump house reservoir that holds $10,000 gallons, located at the top of a hill.
There was a lengthy discussion of the pumps, valves and anti-siphon valve for the sewer plant. Four new pumps were included in the bill list, and two have been repaired, while five more are going to the Greenfield Garage to be repaired. Foltz said that there are a number of pumps unaccounted for, some of which could have been discarded.
The PennCan property is now in the same situation as the Liberty station, and so the EDUs were increased to 10 for the business.
The supervisors received notification of Williams having completed the Zupp pipeline, and Foltz said they will take a look at it next week. The proposed ordinance 47 was submitted for review by DCED.
Rather than adjourning the meeting, Foltz continued the meeting until the next meeting in April, due to the amount of material still remaining to be discussed. Harford Township meetings are held on the secord Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.