Compressors dominate planning agenda


The Susquehanna County Planning Commission issued several preliminary and final approvals to natural gas related development at the Tuesday, March 26 meeting.

Williams Field Services received final approval for the Hawley Compressor Station in Forest Lake Twp.
A noise level sound study was completed by Hoover & Keith. According to the report submitted by the company, the compressor station would contribute 31-44 decibels at the surrounding occupied buildings which is in compliance with the county’s 50 dBa requirement.

The Susquehanna Gathering Company received conditional, preliminary approval for a compressor station off SR 1019, in Jackson Twp.

PVR NEPA Gas Gathering was granted conditional, preliminary approval for the expansion of the Korban Compressor Station, on Korban Rd., in Lathrop Twp.

A station – known as the Susquehanna East Compressor Station – already exists on the site with a building that houses three engines, a meter station and equipment.

The expansion calls for the construction of three more buildings that would each house one engine – bringing the total up to six compressors at the site.

Commission members also added that screening was necessary on the south and west sides of the property.
PVR NEPA Gas Gathering also received conditional, preliminary approval for the Teel Compressor Station, along Carl Teel Rd., in Springville Twp.

The Planning Commission also granted preliminary approval to WPX Energy Appalachia for a compressor station on the Fiondi property, Lane Rd., in Middletown Twp; as well as conditional, preliminary approval for a compressor station on the Powers property, Cobb Hill Rd., in Forest Lake Twp.

Cabot Oil and Gas received conditional, preliminary approval for the construction of a new field office in Dimock Twp.

Cabot will be building a new office on its property on Rt. 29, adjacent to the site of the existing office and warehouse. The existing building will be removed.

Cabot is looking to build a 24,715 square foot, one-story building, with the possibility of adding a second story in the future.

There will be parking at the facility for 106 vehicles, with an additional space for 63 vehicles shown on the submitted plan.

The preliminary approval was conditioned on the receipt of revised maps that show the correct building setbacks and lighting; driveway permit issued by PennDOT; DEP approval of the sewer plan; and a copy of the NPDES permit.

Dimock Twp. supervisors were to be given notice of the development in time for their Apr. 1 meeting and can submit the Municipality Report Form to the planning commission.

County Planning Director Robert Templeton reported that Clifford is beginning the process of updating the township’s Subdivision and Land Use Ordinance (SALD0).

The county’s planning office will provide assistance to the township as needed during the process.
Templeton said the Clifford update provides a good opportunity for the county planners to review some of the requirements in the county’s SALDO.

Templeton also reported that he, along with other county department heads from the courthouse and county office building, had met with representatives from MCM Consulting Group.

MCM has been contracted by the commissioners to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the county which will greatly help with county planning office work, Templeton said.

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    The Keystone State is becoming the POISONED state. And now you want to contaminate Clifford too??? Shame on you! You can’t eat money and you certainly can’t DRINK it!!!