County replacing courthouse access ramp


An access ramp at the back of the courthouse needs to be replaced to the tune of nearly $29,000.
The commissioners signed a proposal for professional services at the March 27 meeting with Greenman-Pedersen Inc. of Scranton.

The company will provide engineering services associated with the removal and replacement of the access ramp with a redesigned entrance.

Independent Drug & Alcohol Testing, of Kingsley, was contracted for one year, beginning April 1, to provide D&A testing to Susquehanna County Correctional Facility employees. The cost is $45 per test.
The commissioners accepted, with regret, the resignation/retirement of James Thomen, effective April 3.
The commissioners also acknowledged the acceptance, with regret, by Register/Recorder Mary Evans of the resignation of Susan Gesford from the Register & Recorder’s office, effective April 5.

The following people were re-appointed for two-year terms to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, effective March 25: Adam Diaz, Sam Cosmello, Ruth Wilmarth, Kevin Pascoe, Marvin Small, Bill Bayne, Jennifer Hibbard, MaryAnn Warren and Barbara James.

Two Children and Youth service agreements were also signed by the commissioners.

The week of April 14-20 was proclaimed Public Safety Telecommunications Week in Susquehanna County; and the month of April was proclaimed as Environmental Awareness Month.

Commissioner Alan Hall reported that he had checked into a concern voiced by an audience member at a prior meeting regarding DEP inspections at natural gas well sites in the county.

Hall said he contacted DEP for the information.

He said the permit section on DEP’s Marcellus Shale portion of the agency internet site had originally been created for supervisors at DEP; and the site was not kept up to date with inspection information.
Hall said he was assured by DEP that every well underwent several inspections from beginning to end.
He also addressed another question that came up at a previous meeting about the burning off of “dry” gas to get to the “wet” gas by-products.

Hall said he had been told that wouldn’t be happening in Susquehanna County as there is really no wet gas located here.