Elk Lake students charged with terroristic act


A 15-year-old former Elk Lake student has been charged through the juvenile justice system for sending a text message that was construed as a death threat.

Meshoppen Police Chief John Krieg said that shortly after noon on Saturday he was apprised by a relative of a text message that had been sent to a female teen who also attended Elk Lake High School.
The message relayed by Chief Krieg was, “Yep I know I promised you but you know promises don’t fix everything. Let’s just say some people are going to be wishing that they didn’t come to school. I will tell you this there will be a lot of blood and empty shell casings.”

Chief Krieg said the message was over a dating relationship and he talked to both the mother of the person who sent the message and the juvenile himself.

The juvenile acknowledged to Chief Krieg having sent the message but stated to him later, “it was only a joke.”

Krieg had no choice but to take the message seriously and notified both Elk Lake School District Superintendent Bill Bush as well as the Wyoming County District Attorney Jeff Mitchell.

Chief Krieg said Tuesday afternoon the youth had been released to his parents.

Parents confirmed there was a state police vehicle on the grounds Tuesday.